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Spare parts for road pavers

Road pavers are essential construction machines in road construction that are responsible for the precise laying of various materials on streets, highways and other traffic areas. Their main function is to create a uniform and high-quality road surface.

These machines move forward slowly, carefully distributing asphalt, concrete or other road construction materials across the entire width of the construction site. The process takes place in a controlled and precise manner to ensure a uniform surface. Some pavers are also able to perform additional functions such as finely layering asphalt or adding binders.

ABG (belongs to VOLVO)


  • Chain paver
    • Types ABG2820, P4820D, P6820C, P7820C, P8820C
  • Row maker
    • Types P5770C, P5870C, P6870C
  • Titan series
    • Types Titan 111, Titan 125, Titan 225, Titan 226, Titan 325, Titan 326, Titan 373-2, Titan 473, Titan 473-2, Titan 2820, Titan 3870, Titan 5820, Titan 6820, Titan 7820, Titan 8820, Titanium 9820
  • Manual planks
    • Types MB120, MB122, VDT120, VDT121
  • Variomatic planks
    • Typen VB30, VB78 ETC, VB78GTC, VB79 ETC, VB88 ETC, VB88 GTC, VB89 ETC, VDT-V78 ETC, VDT-V78 GTC, VDT-79 ETC, VDT-88 ETC, VDT-V88 GTC, VDT-V89 ETC

Bomag GmbH


  • Types BF 223 C, BF 300 C, BF 300 C-2, BF 300 P, BF 300 P-S 340-2, BF 300 P-2, BF 331 HD, BF 331 HE, BF 331 P, BF 571 HSE, BF 600 C-2, BF 600 P, BF 600 C-E, BF 600 P-HSE, BF 600 P 2 S 500, BF 600 P-2, BF 691 P-HB, BF 691 P-HSE, BF 700 C-2, BF 800 C, BF 800 C-S 500,BF 800 P, BF 800 P-S 500, BF 800 P-S 600, BF 900 C



  • Types DF 45 C, DF 115 C, DF 115 P, DF 135 C, DF 135 P, F 2 C, DF 145 C, DF 145 CS, DF 145 P, F 5 C, F 5 CS, F 6 C, F6 4W, F 8 C, F 8W, F 8 4W, F 9 6W, F 12-4W, F 14 C, F 15 C, F 16 C, F 16 W, F 18 C, F 18 CS, F 18 W, F 25 CR, F 30 C, F 30 CE, F 30 W, F 121, F 121 C, F 121 W, F 121 4W, F 141 C, F 141 C-3, F 141 CR, F 141 W, F 150 C, F 151 C, F 161 W, F 181 C, F 181 W, F 181 CS, F 300 C, SD 115 C, SD 135 C, F1000T, F1000T (T4), F1000W, F1000W (T4), F1200C, F1200CS, F1700C, F1700W, F1700WS, F2500C, F2500CS, F2500W, F800T, SD115C, SD135C, SD2500C, SD2500CS, SD2500W, SD2500WS, SD2550C, SD2550CS


MARINI pavers

  • Types MF 221, MF 221 C, MF 321, MF 331, MF 544, MF 564, MF 571, MF 665 WD2, MF 691, MF 805, P156, P176, P176/2, P230, P251P

MARINI pavers on chains

  • Types MF 221 C, MF 223 C, MF 571 C, MF 691 C, MF 704, MF 904, MF 905, MF 1005, MF 1007 C

Vögele (belongs to Wirtgen)


  • GREAT series
    • SUPERBOY 6-90
    • Mini Class
      • Types SUPER 700, SUPER 700-3i, SUPER 800, SUPER 800-3i
    • Compact Class
      • Types SUPER 1100-2, SUPER 1100-3i, SUPER 1103-3i, SUPER 1203, SUPER 1303-3i, SUPER 1300-2, SUPER 1300-2 Ergoplus, SUPER 1300-3, SUPER 1300-3i, SUPER 1303-2, SUPER 1303-2 Tier 3
    • Universal Class
      • Types SUPER 1600, SUPER 1600-1, SUPER 1600-2, SUPER 1600-2 Ergoplus, SUPER 1603, SUPER 1603-1, SUPER 1603-2, SUPER 1603-2 Tier 3, SUPER 1603-3i, SUPER 1600-3i, SUPER 1803-2, SUPER 1803-2 Ergoplus, SUPER 1803-3i, SUPER 1804, SUPER 1800, SUPER 1800 Ergoplus, SUPER 1800-1, SUPER 1800-1 Ergoplus, SUPER 1800-2, SUPER 1800-2 Ergoplus, SUPER 1800 -3i
    • Highway Class
      • Types SUPER 2003-3i, 2000-3i, SUPER 1900, SUPER 1900-2, SUPER 1900-2 Ergoplus, SUPER 1900-3, SUPER 1900-3i, SUPER 2100, SUPER 2100-1, SUPER 2100-2, SUPER 2100- 3i, SUPER 3000-2
    • Special Class
      • Types SUPER 1800-3i, SUPER 2100-3i IP
  • VISION series
    • Universal Class
      • Types VISION 5100-2, VISION 5103-2
    • Types MT 3000-2i Standard, MT 3000-2i Offset

Road pavers: Builders of roadways

Pavers are key players in road construction and are characterized by their precise functionality. These construction machines continuously move forward, carefully distributing asphalt or other road building materials over the area to be worked. The flow of materials is controlled by a conveyor belt or auger mechanism that moves the fresh asphalt from the material container to the road. A distribution system distributes the asphalt evenly across the width of the construction site. A roller then compacts the asphalt to create a smooth and durable road surface.

These versatile machines are used in various fields of application. This includes the construction of highways, country roads, city streets and airports. Pavers are also useful in renewing and maintaining existing roads by removing old surfaces and laying fresh asphalt. Their application range extends across a wide range of construction projects, from small repairs to extensive road construction projects.

Different manufacturers offer pavers, each brand having its own strengths and features.

ABG pavers from Volvo feature advanced technology and precision. They are known for their ease of use and efficiency.

Bomag pavers rely on robustness and longevity. The machines from this manufacturer impress with their easy operation and high performance.

Dynapac pavers stand for innovative solutions and versatility. The machines offer advanced technology for precise road construction work.

Marini pavers are characterized by their adaptability to different materials and working conditions. They are particularly suitable for demanding construction projects.

Vögele pavers , part of the Wirtgen Group, offer state-of-the-art technology and the highest precision. They are known for their quality and efficiency in road construction.

Overall, these differences make it clear that the choice of paver also depends on the specific requirements of the construction project. Each brand strives to meet the requirements for performance, efficiency and precision, offering specific solutions for different construction challenges.

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