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IME-GmbH has been supplying DYNAPAC spare parts for machines abroad for decades. Competent, well-trained and experienced IME employees guarantee professional execution of spare parts orders. Please contact us: ime@ime-gmbh.com.

Dynapac – Company history

DYNAPAC, a manufacturer of construction equipment from Sweden, has been part of the French FAYAT Group since October 2017. The brand name Dynapac is retained.

From 2007 to 2017, Atlas Copco, also based in Sweden, acquired DYNAPAC. This takeover took place after the manufacturers Svedala, Metso, Schrader, Hoes and Demag, Lingen had been integrated into the Dynapac Group. The machines continued to be marketed under the Dynapac brand but distributed worldwide by Atlas Copco. The service and spare parts supply for all the aforementioned manufacturers, models and types was also provided by Atlas Copco.

Delivery program DYNAPAC

Machines for compaction, paving and light equipment are now part of the DYNAPAC product range.

The compacting machines are compactors, tandem vibratory rollers, combination rollers and static rollers. The model CS1400 is an articulated roller. It meets all the requirements of a modern roller.

In the field of road construction, DYNAPAC asserts itself on the market with compact pavers, city pavers, large scale pavers, feeders and screeds. Here, the paver F1200 can be highlighted.

The compact milling machine model PL350 has proven very successful.

Headquarters and dealer network

The company is headquartered in Sweden. Company representatives with a well-functioning dealer network exist in 37 countries. The machines are produced worldwide in 5 different countries.

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