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    Dynapac Machines

    Dynapac has established itself as a renowned manufacturer of construction machinery in the fields of compaction and road construction. The company offers a wide range of machines that are used in these areas.

    In the field of compaction machines, Dynapac offers a variety of high-quality equipment. This includes rollers, tandem vibratory rollers, combination rollers, and static rollers. Rollers are ideal for compacting asphalt and earthworks on large construction sites. They provide excellent compaction performance and are suitable for various applications. Tandem vibratory rollers are known for their efficient compaction technology, resulting in uniform compaction and high surface performance. Combination rollers offer the flexibility to use both static and dynamic compaction methods to meet different requirements. Dynapac’s static rollers are robust and reliable, making them ideal for demanding compaction projects.

    In the field of road construction, Dynapac also offers an impressive range of machines. These include compact pavers, city pavers, large pavers, feeders, and screeds. Dynapac’s compact pavers are versatile and excellent for constructing sidewalks, bike paths, and small roads. City pavers are specifically designed for use in urban areas where space constraints and tight construction sites can pose challenges. Dynapac’s large pavers provide high performance and efficiency for the construction of highways, airports, and other major road projects. Feeders ensure consistent material feeding and are crucial for a smooth road construction process. Dynapac’s screeds ensure precise and accurate asphalt distribution, resulting in high-quality surface finishes.

    Dynapac machines are known for their high quality, reliability, and performance. They are tailored to the needs of the construction industry and offer efficient solutions for compaction and road construction projects of all sizes. With their long-standing experience and commitment to innovation, Dynapac remains a trusted partner for construction companies worldwide.

    Company History

    Dynapac has a fascinating history that dates back to the early 20th century. The roots of the company can be traced back to 1934 in Stockholm, Sweden when a company called AB Vibro-Centralen was founded. AB Vibro-Centralen specialized in the development and production of vibration equipment used in the construction industry.

    In 1946, AB Vibro-Centralen merged with another Swedish company called AB Trollhättans Gjuteri, a manufacturer of engines and foundry products. This merger led to the formation of AB Vibro-Trollhättan. The company began to expand its product range and focused on the production of road pavers and rollers.

    In 1956, the company was renamed Dynapac AB. Under the new name, Dynapac continued its path of success and established itself as a leading manufacturer of road construction equipment. Dynapac expanded internationally, opening subsidiaries and production facilities around the world.

    Over the years, Dynapac continuously expanded its product portfolio, offering a wide range of construction machinery, including compaction machines, road pavers, and milling machines. The Dynapac brand became synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation in the construction industry.

    In 2007, Dynapac was eventually acquired by Atlas Copco and remained part of the Atlas Copco group until its acquisition by the FAYAT Group in 2017. However, Dynapac continued to maintain its name and identity, continuing its success story under the umbrella of the FAYAT Group.

    Today, Dynapac is recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction machinery, continuing to deliver high-quality products and innovative solutions in the construction industry.

    DYNAPAC Product Range

    The current product range of DYNAPAC includes machines for compaction, road construction, and milling. In the field of compaction machines, they offer rollers, tandem vibratory rollers, combination rollers, and static rollers. The CS1400 model, a articulated roller, stands out as it meets all the requirements of a modern roller.
    In the field of road construction, DYNAPAC offers a successful lineup of compact pavers, city pavers, large pavers, feeders, and screeds. Particularly, the F1200 paver has proven to be outstanding.

    The compact milling machine model PL350 has also gained an excellent reputation for its reliable performance.

    Company Headquarters and Dealer Network The company’s headquarters are located in Sweden, with dealer representations and a well-functioning dealer network present in 37 countries. The machines are manufactured worldwide in 5 different countries.

    We provide you with Dynapac spare parts

    We at IME GmbH are proud to offer spare parts for Dynapac’s high-quality machines. Our comprehensive product range includes genuine spare parts specifically developed for Dynapac machines to ensure their performance and reliability. We understand the importance of uninterrupted operation and therefore offer worldwide delivery of our spare parts. Our experienced team is ready to assist our customers in selecting the right parts and provide efficient and reliable service. Count on IME GmbH to keep your Dynapac machines in optimal condition and drive the success of your construction project.

    We supply Dynapac spare parts worldwide for the following machines:

    Light compaction

    • D.ONE
    • D.ROUND
    • DFP11
    • DFP12D
    • DFP5X
    • DFP6
    • DFP7
    • DFP7AX
    • DFP8
    • DFP8X
    • DFP9
    • DFP9X
    • DR6X
    • DR7
    • DR7X
    • DRP15D
    • DRP15X
    • DRP20
    • DRP20D
    • DRP25D
    • DRP40DX
    • DRP45DX
    • DRP60D
    • DRP70D
    • S100


    • CA1300D
    • CA1300PD
    • CA1300PDB
    • CA1400D
    • CA1400PD
    • CA1500D
    • CA1500PD
    • CA2500D
    • CA2500D HC
    • CA2500PD
    • CA2500PD HC
    • CA3500D
    • CA3500D HC
    • CA3500D SEISMIC
    • CA3500DCO
    • CA3500PD
    • CA3500PD HC
    • CA4000D
    • CA4000DCO
    • CA4000PD
    • CA4600D
    • CA4600PD
    • CA5000D
    • CA5000PD
    • CA5500D
    • CA5500PD
    • CA6000D
    • CA6000PD

    • CC1000 Plus
    • CC1100 VI
    • CC1200 VI
    • CC1300
    • CC1300 Plus
    • CC1300 VI
    • CC1400 VI
    • CC2200
    • CC2300
    • CC3300
    • CC4000 VI
    • CC4200
    • CC4200 VI
    • CC5200 VI
    • CC6200 VI
    • CC800
    • CC800 Plus
    • CC900
    • CC900 Plus
    • CC900S Plus
    • CG2300
    • CO4000 VI
    • CO4200 VI
    • CA6000D
    • CA6000PD

    • CC1100C VI
    • CC1200C VI
    • CC1300C
    • CC1300C VI
    • CC1400C VI
    • CC2200C
    • CC2300C
    • CC3200C
    • CC3300C
    • CC4000C VI
    • CC4200C
    • CC4200C VI
    • CC5200C
    • CC5200C VI
    • CA6000D
    • CA6000PD

    • CS1400 VI

    • CP1200 Cummins
    • CP1200 Kubota
    • CP1200W Cummins
    • CP1200W Kubota
    • CP2100
    • CP2700

    Road construction

    • F80W

    • F1250CS

    • F1800C
    • F1800W
    • SD1800C
    • SD1800W

    • SD2500C
    • SD2500CS
    • SD2500CS PROTAC
    • SD2500W
    • SD2500WS
    • SC2550CS
    • SC2550C

    • MF2500CM
    • MF2500CS
    • MF2500CS IMIX
    • MF2500CS with SW6500

    • R300DT
    • R300DTV
    • R300TV
    • R300TVE
    • V2400TV
    • V2400TVE
    • V3500TV
    • V3500TVE
    • V3500V
    • V3500VE
    • V5100 TH E
    • V5100 TV E
    • V5100TV
    • V6000 TH E

    • MH2500