Airport equipment

Spare Parts for Airport Equipment

The product range of IME includes also spare parts for airport buses, aircraft tractors, aircraft recovery transport systems, ground power supplies, conveyer belt vehicles, container transporters, cargo loaders and catering trucks. You can always rely on the know-how of our experts.


Airport Busses (COBUS)

  • COBUS 3000
  • COBUS 2700
  • COBUS 2700S
  • COBUS 2500

Goldhofer Airport Technology (formerly SCHOPF)

  • Cargo and baggage tow tractors
    • »SHERPA« D, »SHERPA« E
  • Conventional tractors
    • F59, »BISON« D 370, »BISON« E 370, »BISON« D 620, »BISON« D 1000, F 396
  • Towbarless tractors
    • AST-2P/X »PHOENIX«, AST-1X
  • Aircraft Recovery Transport System – ARTS

Goldhofer Transport Technology

  • Trailers
    • TU / TU-L, TN-L
  • Semi-Trailers
    • Flatbed semi-trailers
    • Semi lowloaders
      • »ARCUS« P / »ARCUS« PK, STZ-L / STZ-H / »MPA«, STZ-L / »MPA« with wheel recess
    • Lowloader trailers
      • STZ-VL / STZ-VH, »MPA« V, STZ-VP (245), STZ-VP (285)
  • Heavy-duty Modules
    • Towed
    • Self-propelled
  • Special Applications
    • FTV 300, FTV 500, »FAKTOR« 5 / »FAKTOR« 5.5, RA 2, RA 3, RA 4, »BLADEX«

Airport Ground Support Equipment

Diesel-driven ground power supply

  • D Power
  • JET Power
  • MIL Power

Rotary ground power supply

  • R Power (decentral)
  • R Power (central)
  • R Power (mobile GPU)

Static ground power supply

  • S Power (decentral stationary)
  • S Power (mobile GPU)

Cable reel systems

  • S Power C (stationary)
  • S Power C (decentral bridge)
  • S Power C (with inverter)

Towing Tractors (COMET)

Conveyor Belt Vehicles (Orbiter)

Container Transporter (Pulsar)

Special Vehicles

  • Baggage conveyor type FBW 600
  • Loading Transporter Pulsar 14 LT

see Goldhofer

Aircraft Tractors (series CHALLENGER)

Loader (series CHAMP)

Loader Transporter

  • CCL 35S
  • TRANS 70

Electric- and hybrid powered Tractor (TAE 20 electro)

Catering Truck type E-CAT

Ambulift type LOM

High-quality spare parts for airport equipment: Reliable availability for smooth operations

In the highly complex world of airport operations, reliable vehicles are essential to ensure smooth operations. Our high-quality spare parts for airport equipment, including airport buses, aircraft tugs, ground power supplies, conveyor trucks, cargo loading vehicles and catering vehicles, are synonymous with quality and durability to ensure your airport operations always operate efficiently and safely.

Airport buses: Comfortable passenger transport on the tarmac

Our airport bus spare parts are designed to ensure comfortable and safe transport of passengers between the terminal and aircraft. With high-quality spare parts, we ensure that your airport buses can be operated reliably and efficiently.

Aircraft tug: Powerful pull for safe aircraft transport

Our aircraft tug spare parts provide the pulling power and reliability needed to move aircraft safely and efficiently across the tarmac. We understand the demands placed on these high-performance vehicles and supply high-quality replacement parts that ensure reliable performance.

Ground power supply: Uninterruptible power supply for aircraft

Our spare parts for ground power supply units ensure an uninterrupted power supply for aircraft while at the gate. With high-quality spare parts, we ensure that the ground power supply works reliably and enables energy-efficient operation of the aircraft.

Conveyor belt trolley: efficient luggage transport at the airport

Our spare parts for conveyor belt trolleys enable efficient luggage transport at the airport. From conveyor belts to drive systems, we offer high-quality replacement parts to ensure luggage transport runs smoothly and efficiently.

Cargo loading vehicles: Reliable loading of cargo aircraft

Our spare parts for cargo loading vehicles support the reliable loading of cargo aircraft. With robust components, we ensure that your cargo loading vehicles meet the demanding requirements of airport cargo operations.

Catering vehicles: Efficient supply of aircraft

Our spare parts for catering vehicles help ensure the efficient supply of food and goods to aircraft. We supply high quality spare parts to ensure your catering vehicles can operate reliably and efficiently.

IME GmbH: Your partner for spare parts in the aviation industry

IME GmbH is your experienced partner for high-quality spare parts in the aviation industry. Our broad product portfolio and expertise ensure that your airport equipment always functions optimally. Contact us to find out more about what we offer and how we can help you optimize your airport processes.