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Spare Parts for Airport Equipment

The product range of IME includes also spare parts for airport buses, aircraft tractors, aircraft recovery transport systems, ground power supplies, conveyer belt vehicles, container transporters, cargo loaders and catering trucks. You can always rely on the know-how of our experts.

Airport Busses (COBUS)

  • COBUS 3000
  • COBUS 2700
  • COBUS 2700S
  • COBUS 2500

Aircraft Tractors (series AST)

Aircraft Recovery Systems (Serie ARTS)

Airport Ground Support Equipment

Diesel-driven ground power supply

  • D Power
  • JET Power
  • MIL Power

Rotary ground power supply

  • R Power (decentral)
  • R Power (central)
  • R Power (mobile GPU)

Static ground power supply

  • S Power (decentral stationary)
  • S Power (mobile GPU)

Cable reel systems

  • S Power C (stationary)
  • S Power C (decentral bridge)
  • S Power C (with inverter)

Towing Tractors (COMET)

Conveyor Belt Vehicles (Orbiter)

Container Transporter (Pulsar)

Special Vehicles

  • Baggage conveyor type FBW 600
  • Loading Transporter Pulsar 14 LT

Aircraft Tow Tractors (F-series)

Loaders (LoadStar, HC100, PS560)

Tow Hitches

Tow Bars

Aircraft Tractors (series CHALLENGER)

Loader (series CHAMP)

Loader Transporter

  • CCL 35S
  • TRANS 70

Electric- and hybrid powered Tractor (TAE 20 electro)

Catering Truck type E-CAT

Ambulift type LOM