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Spare Parts for Earthmoving Machines

IME is an international provider of high-quality spare parts for earthmoving machinery. With a wide range of products, we cater to the needs of customers worldwide. Our experts possess extensive expertise and offer tailored solutions for excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks, bulldozers, motor graders, mining vehicles, telehandlers, forklifts, and pipe laying machines.

Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable spare parts of the highest quality. We understand that downtime can be costly, so we place great emphasis on fast and efficient delivery. With our many years of experience in the industry, we are capable of understanding our customers’ specific requirements and offering them the appropriate solutions.

Customer satisfaction and service are our top priorities at IME. We take pride in providing our customers with comprehensive support, whether it’s assisting with the selection of the right spare parts or addressing other inquiries. Our aim is to establish long-term partnerships and achieve mutual success.

Rely on IME as your dependable partner for earthmoving machinery spare parts. Contact us today and benefit from our expertise and experience.

Ahlmann Baumaschinen GmbH

see MECALAC Baumaschinen GmbH

ATLAS Excavators

  • Wheeled Excavators W Series
    • Models 140 W, 150 W, 160 W, 160 Wsr, 18 Wsr, 190 W, 220 W
  • Wheeled Excavators (older models)
    • Models 1104, 1204, 1304, 1404, 1504, 1604, 1704, 1804, 1304 M, 1404 M/MK, 1504 M, 1604 M/MK, 1305 M, 1505 M, 1605 M, 1705 M, 1805 M, 1905 M, 2005 M, 2205 M
  • Short Tail Wheeled WSR Series
    • Models 160 WSR, 180 WSR
  • Material Handles MH Series
    • Models 160 MH, 180 MH, 200 MH, 250 MH, 270 MH, 300 MH, 350 MH, 400 MH, 520 MH, 800 MH, 250 MHE, 350 MHE
  • Crawler Excavators LC Series
    • Models 160 LC, 175 LCsr, 190 LC, 210 LC, 215 LCsr, 225 LC, 240 LC, 260 LC, 340 LC
  • Crawler Excavators (older models)
    • Models1304 LC, 1504 LC, 1604 LC, 1704 LC, 1804 LC, 1605 LC, 1305 LC,
  • Rail-Road Excavators ZW Series
    • Models 1404 ZW, 1604 ZW
  • Short Tail Crawlers LC Series
    • Models 175 LC SR, 215 LC SR

ATLAS Cranes

  • Small Cranes
    • Models T15, T18, T23, T33, 35 CE, 37 CE, 42 CE, 44 CE, 55 CE, 35.2, 57.3, 65.2 / 65 CS, 66.3E, 75.2 / 75.2D / 75 CS
  • Medium Cranes
    • Models 88.3 / 88CS , 95.2 HDS, 96.3E / LM+, 104.3 VE / 105.2 / 105.2 V / 105 VCS, 105.2 T, 116.3, 116.3T, 118.2 VGL, 120.2 E, 125.2 / 125 CS, 125.2 V / 125.2 VCS, 126.3E / LM+, 129.3 V, 130.2 VGL, 135.2 LM+ / 135.2 E, 135.2 V/VE, 145.2 / 145 CS, 145.2 D / 145 DCS, 145.2 V / 145 VCS, 152.3 / 152CS, 165.2 LM+ / 165.2 E, 165.2V/VE, 170.2 / 170 CS, 170.2 V,172.3 E / 172.3 LM+, 186.3, 186.3 V / VB, 190.2 LM+ / 190.2 E, 206.3 E / 206.3 LM+, 206.3 VE, 210.2 / 210 CS, 210.2 V / 210 VCS, 240.2 LM+ / 240.2 E, 240.2 V
  • Heavy Cranes
    • Models 250.2 V-T, 260.2 / 260 CS, 265, 280.2V, 290.2 LM+ / 290.2 E, 300, 300 / 330.2V, 332.3 E, 345 VWB, 380.3 E, 440.2 V / 440 VCS, 600.2 T, 620.3, 630, 650, 760, 800A, 955, 990
  • Long Boom Cranes
    • Models 105.2 VB, 125.2 VB, 135.2 VB, 145.2 VB, 165.2 VB, 170.2 VB, 186.2 VB, 210.2 V
  • Recycling-Cranes
    • Models 4L, 4Z, 6L, 6Z, 9L, 9Z, 10Z, 11L, 14L, 14Z, 17L, 17Z, 25L, 25Z, 17ZR, 18LR, 25LR, 25ZR, 4LR, 4ZR, 6LR, 6ZR, 9LR, 9ZR, 10ZR, 11LR, 12ZR, 12ZRT, 15LR, 15ZR, 15ZRT
  • HAK – Cranes with man basket
    • Model HAK 200/300

ATLAS Crawler Excavators

  • Atlas Crawler Excavator L Series
    • Models L 160, L 210, L 260, L 310
  • Industiral Wheel Loaders  L  Series
    • Models L 420, L 450

Atlas Weyhausen GmbH

weycor Wheel Loaders and  Compaction Rollers

  • Wheel Loaders AR Series
    • Models AR 30, AR 35, AR 35 Super, AR 40, AR 50, AR 52, AR 55, AR 60, AR 65, AR 65e, AR 65 HS, AR 75e, AR 75e S, AR 75e T, AR 75 HS,  AR 80e, AR 85e,  AR 85 HS, AR 95e, AR 95e Super, AR 105e
    • Models AR 320, AR 400, AR 420,  AR 440, AR 480, AR 480S, AR 480T, AR 500, AR 520, AR 530, AR 550, AR 560,  AR 580, AR 620, AR 640, AR 660, AR 680
  • Compaction Rollers
    • Models AW 240, AW 260, AW 300, AW 1070, AW 1080, AW 1110, AW 1120, AW 1130, AW 1140

Protec Rollers

  • Models Protec Boxer 107, Protec Boxer 108, Protec Boxer 109, Protec Boxer 110, Protec Boxer 111, Protec Boxer 113, Protec Boxer 114, Protec Boxer 115, Protec Boxer 116, Protec Boxer 117, Protec Boxer 119, Protec Boxer 120, Protec Boxer 125, Protec Sprinter 210, Protec Sprinter 224, Protec Sprinter 226, Protec Sprinter 230, Protec Sprinter 230, Protec Sprinter 224 C, Protec Sprinter 226 C, Protec Roadstar PR 20, Protec Roadstar PR 30

Bobcat Excavators

  • Compact excavators and short tail excavators series E
    • types E08, E10, E14, E16, E17, E19, E20, E25, E26, E32, E35, E45, E50, E55, E62, E80, E85
  • Wheeled excavators
    • types E55W, E57W

Bobcat Loader

  • Compact loader series S
    • types S70, S100, S450, S510, S530, S550, S570, S590, S630, S650, S770, S850
    • Compact all wheel loader
    • type A770
  • Articulated loader
    • type AL440
  • Compact track loader series T
    • types T110, T450, T590, T650, T770, T870
  • Mini track loader
    • type MT55

Bobcat Telescopic Handlers

  • Telescopic handlers series T, TL und TR
    • types T2250, TL360, TL470, TL470 HF, T35100 SL, T35120 SL, T40140 IIIB, T40180 IIIB, Roto TR38160, Roto TR40250, Roto TR45190, Roto TR50210

Bobcat Attachments

  • Attachments for excavators
  • Attachments for loaders
  • Attachments for telescopic handlers

CASE Construction

CASE Excavators

  • Mini excavators
    • types CX15B, CX18B, CS26B zts, CX30B zts, CX35B zts, CX39B zts, CX45B zts, CX50B zts, CX55B
  • Midi excavators
    • types CX75C SR, CX80C
  • Crawler excavators series SR
    • types CX145CSR, CX235CSR
  • Crawler excavators
    • types CX130C, CX130D, CX160D, CX180D, CX210C, CX210D, CX250D, CX300D, CX350D, CX370D, CX490D
  • Special Equipment
    • types CX130B LR, CX130C LR, CX210D LR, CX250D LR, CX500D ME
  • Wheeled excavators
    • types WX148, WX168, WX188, WX218

CASE Loader

  • Compact loader series SSL & CTL
    • types SR130, SR160, SR175, SV185, SR210, SR240, SR250, SV280, SV300, TR270, TR310, TR320, TV380
  • Excavator loader
    • types 580ST, 590ST, 695ST
  • Small wheelloader
    • types 21F, 121F, 221F, 321
  • Loader
    • types 521F, 621F, 621F Waste Handler, 721 Waste Handler, 821F, 921F, 1021F, 1121F

CASE Bulldozer

  • Bulldozer
    • types 1150M LT, 1150M WT, 1150M LGP, 1650M XLT, 1650M WT, 1650M LGP, 2050M LT, 2050M XLT, 2050M WT, 2050M LGP

CASE Grader

  • Motor grader
    • types 836C, 836C AWD, 856C, 856C AWD

NEW HOLLAND Construction


  • Compact loader
    • types L213, L216, L218, L220, L223, L230
  • Track compact loader
    • types C227, C238
  • Excavator loader
    • types B100C, B110C, B115C
  • Small wheelloader
    • types W110C, W130C, W170C, W190C, W230C, W270C, W300C

NEW HOLLAND Excavators

  • Mini excavators
    • types E16B, E18B, E26B SR, E29B SR, E35B SR, E39B SR, E45B SR, E50B SR, E55B SR
  • Midi excavators
    • types E75C SR Mono, E75C SR Offset, E85C MSR
  • Crawler excavators
    • types E135B, E175C, E195C, E215C, E245C, E265C, E305C, E385C, E485C
  • Wheeled excavators
    • types WE 150B PRO, WE170B PRO, WE 190B PRO, WE 210B PRO

NEW HOLLAND Bulldozers

  • Bulldozers
    • types D125C, D150C, D180C


  • Grader
    • types F106.7, 156.7

DOOSAN Infracore (formerly DAEWOO)

DOOSAN Excavators

  • Mini excavators
    • types DX19, DX27Z, DX30Z, DX35Z, DX57W-5, DX62R-3, DX63-3, DX85R-3
  • Crawler excavators
    • Medium crawler excavators
      • types DX140LC-5, DX140LCR-5, DX160LC-3, DX180LC-3, DX225LC-3, DX235LC-5, DX235LCR-5, DX235NLC-5, DX255LC-5
  • Large crawler excavators
    • types DX300LC-5, DX340LC-5, DX380LC-5, DX4r20LC-5, DX490LC-5, DX530LC-5
  • Super long reach excavators
    • type DX225LC-3 SLR
  • Wheeled excavators
    • types DX140W-5, DX160W-5, DX165-W5, DX170W-5, DX190W-5, DX210W-5

DOOSAN Wheel Loader

  • Medium wheel loader
    • types DL200-3, DL-250-3
  • Large wheel loader
    • types DL300-5, DL350-5, DL420-5, DL450-5, DL550-5

DOOSAN Dump Trucks

  • Articulated dump trucks
    • tpyes DA30, DA40


  • Hydraulic hammer
    • types DXB100H, DXB130H, DXB170H, DXB190H, DXB260H

DOOSAN Excavator Buckets

  • Heavy-duty buckets
  • Rock buckets
  • Heavy-duty grading buckets

DOOSAN Wheel Loader Attachments

  • General purpose buckets
  • Heavy-duty buckets
  • Rock buckets
  • Light material buckets

DOOSAN Pallet Forks

DOOSAN Quick Couplers

Spare parts for all types of DAEWOO excavators

EUCLID (now Hitachi Construction Machinery)

EUCLID Dumper Trucks

  • types CH120, CH150, R25, R32, R35, R36, R40, R40C, R50, R60, R60C, R65, R65C, R85, R90, R90C, R100, R120E, R130, R130M, R130B, R150, R170, R190, R220, R260, EH650, EH700, EH1000, EH1100, EH1700

Fiat-Hitachi Excavators

  • Crawler Excavators series EX
    • types EX 100.5, EX 100.5 M, EX 135, EX 135 USR, EX 165, EX 215, EX 255, EX 285, EX 355, EX 455, EX 50 LC 5, EX 75 UR-7
  • Crawler Excavators series ZX and FH
    • types ZX 210 LC-3, ZX 240 N-3, ZX 250 LCN-3, ZX 350 LCN, FH 150 LC-3, FH 200 LC-3, FH 300 EL, FH300.2, FH 330 LC-3,  FH 400.2 LCH

Fiat-Hitachi Loader

  • Wheel loader
    • types FR 100, FR 130.2, FR160.2, W 60, ZW 75, W 90, W 130, W170, W60H


Faun Frisch Loader

  • Wheel loader
    • types F 800, F 800 B, F 900, F 1000, F 1000 C, F 1100, F 1100 C, F 1110, F1200, F1300, F1300 C, F1310, F1310 C, F1400, F1410 C

FUCHS Material Handlers

  • Standard material handlers
    • types MHL 250, MHL 320, MHL 331, MHL335, MHL 340, MHL 350, MHL 360, MHL 380, MHL 390
  • Electrical powered material handlers
    • type MHL 820
  • Stationary material handlers
    • types AHL 820, AHL 831, AHL 840, AHL 850, AHL 860, AHL 880
  • Crawler material handlers
  • Attachments

HYUNDAI Construction Machinery

HYUNDAI Excavators

  • Crawler excavators
    • types R125LCR-9A, R140LC-9A, HX140 L, R145LCR-9A, HX145 LCR, R160LC-9A, R180LC-9A, R220LC-9A, HX220 L, R235LCR-9A, HX235 LCR, R260LC-9A, HX260 L,  R300LC-9A, HX300 L, R330LC-9A, HX330 L, R380LC-9A, HX380 L, R480LC-9A, HX480 L, R520LC-9A, HX520 L, R800LC-9, R1200-9
  • Wheeled excavators
    • types R55W-9A, R140W-9A, HW140, R160W-9A, R180W-9A, R210W-9A, HW210
  • Mini and midi excavators
    • types R16-9, R17Z-9A, R25Z-9A, R35Z-9A, R55-9A, R60CR-9A, R80CR-9A


  • Wheel loader
    • types HL730-9A, HL740-9A, HL757-9A, HL955, HL760-9A, HL960, HL770-9A, HL780-9A
  • Compact loader
    • types HSL650-7A, HSL850-7A

JCB Excavators

  • Wheeled excavators
    • types JS 145W TAB, JS 160W TAB, JS 175W TAB, JS200W TAB, JS 20MH
  • Crawler excavators
    • types JZ 140, JZ 140 LC, JS 130 LC, JS 145 LC, JS 145 HD, JS 160 LC, JS 180 LC, JS 190 LC, JS 200 LC, JS 210 LC, JS 220 LC/NLC, JS 240 NLC/SC/LC, JS 260 NLC/SC/LC, JS 300 LC/NLC, JS 330 LC/NLC, JS 370 LC/NLC
  • Mini excavators
    • types 8008 CTS, 8010 CTS, 8014 CTS, 8016 CTS, 8018 CTS, 8020 CTS, 8025 ZTS, 8026 CTS, 8030 ZTS, 8035 ZTS
  • Midi excavators
    • types 48 Z-1, 51 R-1, 55 Z-1, 57 C-1, 65 R-1, 67 C-1, 85 Z-1, 86 C-1, 90 Z-1, 100 C-1
  • Excavator loader
    • types 3 CX Compact, 1 CX, 1 CXT, 3 CX, 4 CX, 3 CX Easy Control, 4 CX Easy Control, 3 CX Advanced Easy Control, 4 CX Advanced Easy Control

JCB Loader

  • Compact loader
    • types 135, 155, 175, 190, 205, 225, 260, 280, 300, 330
  • Compact track loaders
    • types 150 T, 190 T, 205 T, 225 T, 260 T, 300 T, 320 T
  • Compact wheel loader
    • types 403, 406, 407, 409
  • Wheel loader
    • types TM 180, TM 220, TM 320, 411 HT, 417 HAT, 427 HAT, 427 ZX, 437 HT, 437 ZX, 457 ZX, 457 HT
  • Telescopic loader
    • types 516-40, 520-40, 525-60, 527-60, 527-48, 531-70, 541-70, 535-95, 535-125 HiViz, 535-140 HiViz, 540-140, 540-170, 560-80, 540-200

JCB Forklifts

  • Forklifts
    • types TLT 25 / TLT 25 HL, TLT 30, TLT 30 HL, TLT 35 D, TLT 30D 4X4, TLT 35D 4X4

KOBELCO Excavators

  • Mini-excavators (1 to 6 tons)
    • types SK08, SK10SR, SK10SR-2, SK10SR-3, SK16, SK17SR, SK17SR-3, SK17SR-5, SK18, SK22, SK25SR-6, SK26, SK27SR, SK27SR-5, SK28SR-6, SK30SR, SK30-SR-5, SK30SR-6, SK35SR, SK35SR-5, SK35SR-6, SK45SRX-6, SK55SRX, SK55SRX-6
  • Crawler mini-excavators series SR
    • types SK75SR, SK85MSR, SK140SRLC-3, SK140SRLC-5, SK230SRL, SK230SRLC-5, SK260SRN, SK260SR(N)LC-3, SK270SR(N)LC-5, SK75SR-3, SK85MSR-3
  • Crawler mini-excavators
    • types ED160 Blade Runner, ED160-3 Blade Runner, ED160-5 Blade Runner
  • Crawler excavators (18 to 50 tons)
    • types SK180LC/N-10, SK210-9, SK210LC, SK210LC-10, SK260-9, SK260NLC, SK260LC-10, SK300LC-10, SK350-9, SK350NLC, SK350LC-10, SK500LC, SK500-9, SK500LC-10, SK850LC
  • Demolition and recycling excavators
    • types SK210D-10, SK210D-9

KOMATSU Excavators

  • Hydraulic excavators
    • Standard hydraulic excavators
      • types PC130-6, PC180LC, PC180NLC, PC210 LC, PC210NLC-7, PC230 NHD-7, PC240-6, PC240LC-6, PC240NLC-6, PC240 LC-7, PC240 NLC-7, PC290LC-7, PC290NLC-7, PC340LC-7, PC340NLC-7, HB215LC-2 Hybrid, HB365LC-3 Hybrid, PC170LC-10, PC170LC-10 LGP, PC190LC/NLC-8, PC210/LC/NLC-8, PC210/LC-10, PC210LCi-10, PC210/LC-11,PC230NHD-8, PC240LC/NLC-10, PC240LC/NLC-11, PC290LC/NLC-10, PC290LC/NLC-11, PC360LC/NLC-10, PC360LC/NLC-11, PC490/LC-10, PC490/LC-11, PC700LC-8, PC800/LC-8, PC2000-8
    • Short-tail excavators
      • types PC128US-2, PC138US-2, PC228US-3, PC228LC-3, PC228USLC-3, PC138US-10, PC138US-11, PC228USLC-10
    • Super long front hydraulic excavators
      • types PC130, PC210, PC240, PC350, PC210LC-8, PC210NLC-8, PC240LC-7, PC240NLC-7, PC240LC-8, PC240NLC-8, PC340LC-7, PC340NLC-7,  SLF/LR
    • Demolition excavators
      • types PC340LC-7, PC340NLC-7, PC450LC-7, PC450NLC-7, PC210LC-10 Demolition, PC240LC/NLC-10 Demolition, PC290LC/NLC-10 Demolition, PC290LC/NLC-8 HRD, PC350LC/NLC-8 HRD, PC360LC/NLC-10 Demolition, PC490LC-10 Demolition, PC490LC-10 HRD
  • Wheeled excavators
    • types PW130ES-6, PW140-7, PW150ES-6, PW170ES-6, PW220-7, PW148-8, PC148-10, PW160-8, PW160-10, PW180-7, PW180-10, PW200-7
  • Mini excavators
    • types PC14R-2, PC15R-8, PC16R-2, PC18MR-2, PC20MR-2, PC20R-8, PC27MR-2, PC30MR-2, PC35R-8, PC45R-8, PC20MRx, PC30MRx, PC40MRx, PC09-1, PC14R-3, PC16R-3, PC18MR-3, PC22MR-3, PC26MR-3, PC30MR-3, PC35MR-3, PC45MR-3, PC55MR-3
  • Compact excavators
    • types PC75-2, PC78MR-2, PC78US-8, PC88MR-6, PC95R-2, PW75R-2, PW95R-2, PW98MR-6, PC80MR-3, PC88MR-8, PC88MR-10, PC118MR-8, PW98MR-8, PW98MR-10, PW118MR-8
  • Excavator loader
    • types WB70A-1, WB91R-2, WB91R-5, WB93R-2, WB97R-2, WB97S-2, WB98A-2, WB93R-5, WB97R-5, WB93S-5, WB97S-5


  • Wheel loader
    • types WA65-5, WA70-5, WA75-3, WA80-5, WA85-3, WA90-3, WA90-5, WA95-3, WA115-3, WA150-5, WA150PZ-5, WA200PT-5, WA250PT-5, WA250PZ-5, WA270PT-3, WA320-3, WA320-5, WA380-3, WA380-5, WA400-5, WA470-3, WA470-5, WA480-5, WA500-3, WA600-3, WA700-3, WA200-7, WA250PZ-6, WA270-7, WA320-6 / PZ-6, WA320-7, WA380-7, WA380-8, WA430-6, WA470-7, WA470-8, WA480-6 (LC), WA500-7, WA500-8, WA600-6, WA600-8, WA800-3, WA900-3
  • Compact loader
    • types SK04J-2, SK05J-2, SK510-5, SK714-5, SK815-5, SK820-5
  • Compact wheel loader
    • typesWA70-7, WA80M-7, WA90-6, WA100-7

KOMATSU Dump Trucks

  • Dumper
    • types HD325-6, HD406-6, HD985-5, HD325-7, HD405-7, HD465-7, HD605-7, HD785-7
  • Articulated dump trucks
    • types HM300-1, HM300-2, HM350-1, HM400-1, HM300-3, HM300-5, HM400-3, HM400-5

KOMATSU Bulldozer

  • Bulldozer
    • types D37EX/PX-21, D41E/P-6, D61EX/PX-12, D61EX/PX-15, D65EX/PX-12, D155AX-5, D375A-5, D475A-3, D37EX/PX-23, D37EXi/PXi-23, D51EX/PX-22, D61EX/PX—23, D61EXi/PXi-23, D61EX/PX-24, D61EXi/PXi-24, D65EX/WX/PX-18, D65EXi/PXi-18, D85EX/PX-18, D85EXi/PXi-18, D155AX-7, D155AX-8, D155AXi-8, D275AX-5, D375A-6, D475A-5


  • Motor grader
    • type GD675-6

Hanomag Wheel loader

  • Wheel loader
    • types 10 E, 10 E-LD S, 10 E-Rob./LT/Hb., 10 E Robust,  10 F, 15 F, 20 E, 20 E-LD, 20 F, 22 D, 22 DI, 35 D, 35 DI, 44 D Turbo, 44 DI Turbo,  55 D, 50 E S, 60 E, 66 D Turbo, 70 E, 77 D Turbo

FAI-Wheeled Excavators

FAI-Mini Excavators

FAI-Crawler Excavators

FAI-Mini Loader

LIEBHERR Construction Machinery

LIEBHERR Excavators

  • Wheeled excavators
    • types A308, A309, A311, A311 Litronic, A312 Litronic, A314, A314 Litronic, A316, A900, A900C Litronic, A900ZW, A900CZW, A900B Litronic, A902 Litronic, A904C HD LItronic,  A910 Compact Litronic, A912 Compact Litronic, A914 Compact Litronic, A914 Litronic, A916 Litronic, A918 Compact Litronic, A918 Litronic, A920 Litronic, A921C, A922 Litronic, A922 Rail Litronic, A924 Litronic, A924 B Litronic, A924 Heavy Lift Litronic, A934 C HD Litronic, 944 C HD
  • Crawler excavators
    • types LC901, R904 HDSL, R906 LC Litronic, R911C LC, R914 B, 914 B HDSL, R914 Compact Litronic, R918 Litronic, R920 Compact Litronic, R920 Litronic, R922 Litronic, R924 B HDSL,  R924 Compact Tunnel Litronic, R924 Litronic, R926 Compact Litronic, R926 Litronic, R932 HD-S Litronic, R934, R934B HD S, R934C Demolition Litronic, R934C NLC, R936 Litronic, R944B HD S Litronic, 944B HDSL, R944C Demolition Litronic, R944C Demolition Litronic, R944C Tunnel Litronic, R944C NLC, R946 Litronic, R950 Demolition Litronic, R950 SME Litronic, R950 Tunnel Litronic, R954C Demolition Litronic, R956 Litronic, R960 Demolition Litronic, R960 SME Litronic, 962 HD Litronic, R964B HD,  R966 Litronic, R970 SME Litronic, R974B HDSL Litronic, R974C Demolition Litronic, R976 Litronic, R980SME Litronic, R984 Litronic
  • Duty cycle crawler crane
    • types HS832, HS840, HS842, HS843, HS850, HS851, HS852, HS853, HS855HD, HS873, HS882, HS883,HS 8030 HD, HS 8040 HD, HS 8050 HD, HS 8070  HD, HS 8100 HD, HS 8130 HD, HS 895 HD, HS 8300 HD Hybrid


  • Wheel loader
    • types L506 Compact, L507 Stereo, L508 Compact, L508 Stereo, L509 Stereo, L510 Z, L514 Stereo, L524,  L526, L538, L542, L542 Z Kinematik, L544, L546, L550 XPower, L550 2plus2, L556 XPower, L566, L566 2plus 2, L576 2plus2, L576 XPower, L580 XPower, L580 2plus2,  L586 XPower
  • Crawler loader
    • types LR624 Litronic, LR636 Litronic
  • Telescopic loader
    • types TL432-7, TL436-7, TL441-7

LIEBHERR Mining Trucks

  • Articulated mining trucks
    • types TA230 Litronic

LIEBHERR Bulldozer

  • Bulldozer
    • types PR716 Litronic, PR726 Litronic, PR736 Litronic, PR746 Litronic, PR756 Litronic, PR764 Litronic, PR776 Litronic

LIEBHERR Pipe Layers

  • Pipe layers
    • types RL44, RL54, RL64

MECALAC Baumaschinen GmbH (until 2012 Ahlmann Baumaschinen GmbH)


  • Swing Loaders series AS
    • types AS 50, AS 700, AS 900, AS 1600, AS 210e
  • Wheel Loaders series AX and AF
    • types AX 700, AX 850, AX 1000, AF 1050, AF 1200
  • Telescopic Loaders series AT and AS tele
    • types AT 900, AT 1050, AS 900tele

MECALAC Excavators

  • Wheel Excavator Loader
    • type 12MTX
  • Wheel Excavators
    • types 7MWR, 9MWR, 11 MWR, 15MWR
  • Crawler Skid-Excavators
    • types 6MCR, 8MCR, 10MCR
  • Crawler Excavators
    • type 714MCe

MECALAC Rail-Road Excavators

  • type 8MCR RR

MECALAC Site Dumpers

  • Site Dumpers – 1 to 3 tons
    • types TA1EH, TA2H, TA3
  • Site Dumpers – 6 to 10 tons
    • types TA6, TA9, TA10p

MECALAC Backhoe Loaders

  • Center Mount
    • types TLB830, TLB840R
  • Sideshift
    • types TLB850, TLB870, TLB890, TLB990

MECALAC Compaction Rollers

  • Single Drum Rollers
    • type MBR71
  • Tandem Vibrating Rollers
    • types TV800, TV900, TV1000, TV1200, TV1300, TV1400


NOBAS Motorgrader

  • With four-wheel drive (4×4)
    • types BG 70 A-4, BG 110-M
  • With six-wheel drive (6×6)
    • types BG 110 TA-4, BG 130 TA-4, BG 160 TA-4, BG 190 TA-4, BG 240 TA-4
  • With tandem drive (6×4)
    • types BG 110 T-4, BG 130 T-4, BG 160 T-4, BG 190 T-4, BG 240 T-4, BG 160 TA-4

NOBAS Grader

  • with articulated chassis (SHM 5NT)

NOBAS Excavators

  • UB-series

Orenstein & Koppel (O & K)

O&K Wheeled Loaders

  • Models L3, L4, L5, L6 C, L6-3, L6.5, L7, L8, L8-1, L8-5, L9, L10, L10 B, L12, L15, L15.5, L15 B, L16, L18, L20, L20 B, L20.5, L25, L25 B, L25 C, L35, L35 B, L45, L355

O&K Excavators

  • MH Series
    • Models MH City, MH 2.5 C, MH 2.10, MH 4, MH 5 C, MH 5 Compact, MH 5.5, MH 6, MH 6 A2, MH6 PMS
  • RH Serie
    • Models RH City, RH Plus, RH 1.15, RH 4, RH 4.5, RH 5, RH 5 LC, RH 5 PMS, RH 5.5, RH 6, RH 6.5, RH 6-22, RH 6 LC, RH 8, RH 8.5, RH 9, RH 9.5, RH 9 LC, RH 12, RH 16, RH 20, RH 23, RH 23.5, RH 25, RH 25.5, RH 30, RH 30 E

O&K Graders

  • Models F106, F106 A, F106.6, F106.6 A, F156, F156.6, F156 A, F156.6 A, F 206, F206 A

TEREX (partially owned by Volvo CE)


  • Compact crawler excavator series TC10 – TC125
  • Compact wheel excavator series TW70 – TW110


  • Compact crawler loader series PT
  • Compact loader series TS
  • Wheel loader
    – Compact wheel loader series TL65 – TL120
    – Power loader TL160 –TL310
  • Excavator loader
    – Centric mounted boom
    – Boom lateral movable

Motor grader series TG


  • Articulated dumper series TA250 – TA400
  • Rigid dumper series TR35 – TR100

VOLVO Construction Equipment

VOLVO Loader

  • Compact loader
    • types L60E, L70E, L90E, L110E, L150E, L60F, L90F, MC60C, MC70C, MC80B, MC95C, MC115C, MCT85C, MCT125C, MCT145C
  • Wheel loader
    • Compact wheel loader
      • types L20B, L20B-P, L25B, L30B, L35B, L40B TP, L45B TP, L20F, L25F, L28F, L30G, L35G, L70G,  L90G, L45H, L50H
    • Wheel loader
      • types L120E, L180E, L25F, L120F, L150F, L180G, L220F, L60H, L70H, L90H, L110H, L120H, L150H, L180H, L220H, L180H High-Lift, L250H, L350F

VOLVO Excavators

  • Compact excavators
    • types EC15D, EC18D, EC20D, EC25, EC27C, ECR28,  EC35C, EC55C, ECR25D, ECR35D, ECR40D, ECR38, ECR48C,  ECR50D, ECR58D, ECR88D, ECR88, ECR88 Plus, EW60E
  • Wheeled excavators
    • types EW140C, EW140D, EW160C, EW160D, EW180C, EW210D, EW160E, EW180E, EWR150E, EW140D
  • Crawler excavators
    • types EC140BLC, EC140CL, ECR145CL, EC160CL, EC160DL, EC210BLC, EC210CL, EC210CN, EC210CNL, EC220DL, EC240BLC, EC240BNLC, EC240CNL, EC240CNL, EC290BNLC,  EC290CNL, EC300DL, EC300DNL, EC360CNL, EC380DNL, EC460CL, EC700 CL, EC140E, ECR145E, ECR235E, EC160E, EC180E, EC220E, EC250E, EC300E, EC380E, EC480E, EC750E

VOLVO Dumper

  • Articulated dumper
    • types A25D, A25E, A30D, A35D, A35F, A40D, A40E, A40F, A25G, A30G, A35G, A40G, A35G FS, A40G FS, A45G, A45G FS, A60H

VOLVO Pipe layers

  • Pipe layers
    • types PL3005D, PL4809D

Zettelmeyer (now owned by VOLVO Construction Equipment)

Wheel loader series ZL

  • types  ZL300, ZL302, ZL401B, ZL402, ZL500, ZL501, ZL501B, ZL601, ZL601B, ZL602, ZL602B, ZL702, ZL702B, ZL702C, ZL801, ZL801B, ZL1001, ZL1002, ZL1700, ZL1801, ZL2000, ZL2002, ZL3000, ZL3002, ZL4000A, ZL4001, ZL5002

Wheel dozer series ZD

  • types ZD3000, ZD3001, ZD5002


Excavators are essential machines on construction sites around the world. They are among the most versatile construction machines and are available in different sizes and designs. These powerful machines are designed to move earth, dig trenches, lift and transport materials, and more.

Excavators are used in numerous construction projects, be it road construction, building construction or landscaping. Their precise movements and the ability to use various attachments make them extremely flexible and efficient. Whether digging construction pits, laying pipes or removing masses of earth – excavators are true all-rounders.

Wheel loader

Wheel loaders are essential construction equipment known across various industries for their impressive performance and versatility. These robust machines are specifically designed to move, load and transport materials, making them essential tools on construction sites, warehouses and mining operations.

Wheel loaders are characterized by their characteristic design, in which the driver’s cab is positioned above the front of the vehicle. This enables an excellent view of the load and the working environment. With a wide range of attachments, wheel loaders can be adapted to various tasks including lifting bulk materials, loading trucks, grading areas and much more.

Wheel loaders are used in numerous applications including construction, agriculture, mining and waste management. Their maneuverability and ability to move heavy loads make them irreplaceable helpers in a wide variety of industries. Thanks to their versatility, wheel loaders can make a significant contribution to efficiency and productivity on construction sites and other work environments.

Dump truck

Dump trucks are powerful construction vehicles that are used in various industries to transport bulk materials. These robust machines are specifically designed to move large quantities of materials such as soil, gravel or waste quickly and efficiently.

Dump trucks are characterized by their characteristic trough, which is located at the back of the vehicle. This trough can be raised hydraulically to unload the material. The vehicles are usually mounted on wheels or tracks and can be used on construction sites, in mines or in agriculture. The ability to transport heavy loads while providing quick unloading makes dump trucks essential tools in various industries.

Dump trucks are used in a variety of areas including road construction, mining, open pit mining and large construction projects. They are also used in agriculture to transport soil or fertilizers. The adaptability of dump trucks to different terrain and working conditions makes them an essential part of large construction projects.

Motor graders

Motor graders are powerful construction machines specifically designed for grading surfaces. These versatile machines play a critical role in road construction and other construction projects that require accurate leveling of the terrain.

Motor graders have a wide blade located between the front and rear axles. This blade can be adjusted to different angles and depths to work the soil precisely. The machines are able to level out unevenness, distribute gravel and prepare the terrain for road construction or other construction projects. The precise settings allow for a consistent surface, making motor graders essential tools for quality construction work.

Motor graders are often used in road construction, in the construction of parking lots and airports, and in agriculture. Their ability to precisely level the floor makes them essential machines for projects where a flat surface is required. In addition, motor graders can also be used for snow removal in winter.