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    The company history of Joseph Vögele AG

    Joseph Vögele AG is a globally active company in the road construction industry, with its current headquarters in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, and primarily manufactures road pavers.

    Joseph Vögele founded the company as early as 1836 and supplied the German railroads with spare parts for rail transport. In 1925, the business model was revised and the company began to focus on road construction. This part of the company’s structure grew rapidly and so, in addition to road pavers, feeders were also added to the product range.

    Today, wheeled and tracked SUPER pavers are among the core products of Joseph VÖGELE AG. But also feeders of the POWER FEEDER series and paving screeds are produced by VÖGELE AG.

    Joseph VÖGELE AG grew to become one of the largest companies in the sector and was finally taken over in 1996 by the Wirtgen Group, now part of the US Deere & Company group.

    The machines from Vögele

    The road pavers of the SUPER series, such as the SUPER 700 or SUPER 800, achieved particular fame and are still among the most important machines in Vögele’s product range today. Manufactured in 1928/29, the towed spreader was Vögele’s first road paver and heralded a new era. This machine type was continuously developed and improved in the course of the following decades. As early as 1956, the SUPER 100, a paver with floating screed and electric screed heating, was launched on the market. In 2019, Vögele now presents the SUPER 3000-3i, the world’s largest road paver with a maximum pave width of 18m.

    Buy Vögele spare parts at IME GmbH

    To ensure that your work runs smoothly, you naturally depend on your machines always working. That’s why we at IME are your trusted partner, supplying you with the right Vögele spare parts. We have been supplying customers worldwide for almost 40 years and therefore know what is important to them. In addition to reliability, this also includes speed. As soon as we receive the ordered parts, they are sent on to you directly after quality control, so that there are no delays. Request your personal offer for Vögele spare parts from us now.

    IME GmbH supplies spare parts for the following Vögele machines:

    Road paver

    SUPER 700
    SUPER 800
    SUPER 700-3
    SUPER 800-3

    SUPER 1100-2
    SUPER 1300-2
    SUPER 1000
    SUPER 1300
    SUPER 1203
    SUPER 1103-2
    SUPER 1303-2
    SUPER 1103-3
    SUPER 1303-3
    SUPER 1003
    SUPER 1303

    SUPER 1800
    SUPER 1800SF
    SUPER 1600-1
    SUPER 1800-1
    SUPER 1600-2
    SUPER 1800-2/SJ
    SUPER 1800-2
    SUPER 1800-3/SJ
    SUPER 1600-3
    SUPER 1800-2L
    SUPER 1880L
    SUPER 1880-3L
    SUPER 1700-3
    SUPER 1600-3L
    SUPER 1400
    SUPER 1600
    SUPER 1600L
    SUPER 1400I
    SUPER 1680-3 LI
    SUPER 1680 LI
    SUPER 1804
    SUPER 1603-1
    SUPER 1803-1
    SUPER 1603-2
    SUPER 1803-2
    SUPER 1803-3
    SUPER 1603-3
    SUPER 1703-3
    SUPER 1403
    SUPER 1603
    SUPER 14031

    SUPER 1900
    SUPER 2100
    SUPER 1900-2
    SUPER 2100-2
    SUPER 2500
    SUPER 3000-2
    SUPER 1900-3
    SUPER 2100-3
    SUPER 1900-3L
    SUPER 2100-3L
    SUPER 2000-3
    SUPER 3000-3
    SUPER 1903
    SUPER 2003-3

    VISION 5100-2
    VISION 5103-2

    VISION 5200-2
    VISION 5200-2I
    VISION 5203-2
    VISION 5203-2I


    MT 1000-1
    MT 3000-2
    MT 3000-3


    AB 375T
    AB 315
    AB 500
    AB 590
    AB 600
    AB 200
    AB 340
    AB 500-2TV
    AB 500-2TP
    AB 600-2TV
    AB 600-2TP
    VR 600-2V
    VF 500-2V
    VF 600-2V
    AB 500-3TV
    AB 500-3TP
    AB 600-3TV
    AB 600-3TP
    AB 340-3
    AB 220-2
    AB 480
    VF 500-3V
    VF 600-3V
    AB 220
    AB 570

    SB 250
    SB 250-2
    SB 300-2
    SB 300-3TV
    SB 350-3TV
    AB 220
    AB 570