Railway vehicles and locomotives

Spare Parts for Railway Vehicles and Locomotives

IME delivers spare parts of the leading manufacturers of engines, transmissions, rafts and couplings for the railway industry in many countries throughout the world. Our clients always benefit from our long experience in this field.

  • MAN horizontal and vertical engines types D2876 and D2840
  • MTU engines
  • MB  engines type 444 HLA
  • Cummins engines type QSK 19
  • Engines of Perkins Rail
  • Voith turbo transmissions type T221
  • Rafts for Bombardier – Siemens – Alstom
  • Voith Küsel high speed couplings
  • Centaflex couplings
  • Kroma liquid level indicators

High-quality spare parts for railway vehicles and locomotives: ensuring reliability on rails

In the world of rail vehicles, reliability is crucial. Our high-quality spare parts for engines, gearboxes, rafts and couplings are designed to ensure that railway vehicles and locomotives are always ready for use and ensure smooth operation on the tracks.

Engines: Powerful drive for maximum performance

Our spare parts for railway vehicle engines offer the necessary power for top performance on the rails. From cylinders to control units, we supply high-quality components to ensure your locomotives and rail vehicles operate with reliable power and efficiency.

Transmission: Precise power transmission for optimal driving characteristics

Our spare parts for transmissions ensure precise power transmission and optimal driving characteristics. From gears to shift mechanisms, we offer high-quality components to ensure your rail vehicles can accelerate, brake and control their speed smoothly.

Rafts: Stable connections for safe travel

Our raft replacement parts ensure stable connections to ensure a safe ride on the rails. From axles to suspension systems, we offer high-quality components to ensure your rail vehicles are stable and well balanced on the tracks.

Couplings: Efficient connection of locomotives and wagons

Our spare parts for couplings enable an efficient connection between locomotives and wagons. With high-quality coupling elements and control units, we ensure that your railway vehicles are reliably coupled and form a stable train set.

IME GmbH: Your partner for spare parts in railway technology

IME GmbH is your experienced partner for high-quality spare parts in railway technology. Our wide product range and expertise ensure that your railway vehicles and locomotives always function at the highest level. Contact us to find out more about what we offer and how we can help you optimize your railway technology.