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    The Machines of ABG

    ABG, the Allgemeine Baumaschinen Gesellschaft, is a leading manufacturer of road pavers and road construction machinery. The company offers an impressive range of models, including the Titan 455, Titan 2820, Titan 9820, and Titan 6820.

    The Titan 455 is a high-performance road paver that stands out for its precise asphalt distribution and versatility. With advanced control technology, the Titan 455 enables accurate and uniform asphalt laying, resulting in excellent surface quality. It is ideal for road construction and renovation projects.

    The Titan 2820 is another road paver by ABG known for its high performance and efficiency. With its robust design and the ability to process large amounts of asphalt in a short time, the Titan 2820 is well-suited for use on large construction sites and highways.

    For demanding road construction projects, ABG offers the Titan 9820. This road paver excels in productivity and is capable of delivering excellent results even under challenging terrain conditions. With advanced technologies and precise control, the Titan 9820 allows for efficient and high-quality asphalt laying.

    Lastly, the Titan 6820 is a powerful road paver by ABG known for its reliability and versatility. It offers an optimal combination of performance, precision, and user-friendliness, making it ideal for a variety of road construction applications.

    ABG places great emphasis on innovation and quality in road construction technology. The road pavers such as the Titan 455, Titan 2820, Titan 9820, and Titan 6820 offer advanced features that enable efficient and precise asphalt laying. With these machines, construction companies can build top-quality roads and highways that meet the highest standards.

    Company History

    ABG Allgemeine Baumaschinen Gesellschaft has an impressive company history that began in 1945. On November 9 of that year, Gerhard Lehmann Pottkämper and Karl-Ludwig Hupfeld founded ABG in Hameln, marking the start of a new era in road construction technology. From the beginning, the company focused on the development and production of high-quality construction machinery.

    In 1990, ABG became part of the Ingersoll Rand Group, which provided access to additional resources and technologies to further advance the development and distribution of ABG’s construction machinery.

    Another milestone in the company’s history occurred in 2007 when ABG was acquired by Volvo Construction Equipment. This acquisition strengthened ABG’s position as a leading manufacturer of construction machinery. Since then, the new models have been sold under the Volvo name, integrating the ABG brand into the successful and renowned Volvo family.

    Today, ABG is a major player in the construction machinery industry, known for its quality, performance, and innovation. The machines formerly sold under the ABG name, now marketed as Volvo, are renowned for their reliability and efficiency. The company continues to invest in advanced technologies and the development of new models to meet the changing demands of the construction industry.

    Thanks to its dedicated employees and strong partnership with Volvo Construction Equipment, ABG has built a successful company history and will continue to play a vital role in road construction technology and the construction machinery sector.

    ABG Spare Parts

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