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    IME supplies spare parts worldwide for

    BOMAG / MARINI Road Construction Machinery

    • Machines for asphalt construction
    • Machinery for soil compaction
    • Cold milling, stabilization and recycling machinery
    • Light equipment
    • Waste management
    • Asphalt pavers made by MARINI
    • Cold milling machines made by MARINI

    BOMAG delivery program

    The success story began with the production of the groundbreaking double vibration roller BW 60. Today, BOMAG has specialized in the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art compaction technology and enjoys a leading global position in this area. The product range includes machines for the efficient compaction of soil, asphalt and waste. The favorites include the proven models BW 80 AD-5, BW 90 AD-5 and BW 100 ADM-5 as well as the extremely popular combination roller BW 100 ACM-5. In addition, soil stabilizers and recycling machines are part of BOMAG’s extensive delivery program. In 2006, responsibility for the production and sales of pavers and cold milling machines was transferred from the FAYAT subsidiary MARINI to BOMAG. Since then, these machines have also been part of BOMAG’s comprehensive product range.

    Bomag: Precision and efficiency in road construction and recycling technology

    Since its founding in 1957, Bomag has made a name for itself as a leading manufacturer of construction machinery. Bomag machines stand for quality, innovation and reliability. Bomag offers a wide range of first-class solutions, particularly in the areas of road construction and recycling.

    Pavers: Precise laying for flawless road surfaces

    Bomag pavers are known for their precision and efficiency when laying asphalt. These machines enable precise metering and even distribution of asphalt mixtures to create high quality road surfaces. With state-of-the-art technology, Bomag pavers set standards in road construction.

    Feeder: Efficient material feeding for continuous work processes

    Bomag feeders ensure efficient material feeding on construction sites. Whether loading pavers or other construction machinery – Bomag feeders ensure continuous work processes through precise and reliable material management.

    Garbage compactor: maximum efficiency in waste disposal

    Bomag garbage compactors are essential tools for waste disposal. These machines efficiently compress waste, reducing volume and therefore minimizing the need for frequent emptying. With their reliability and performance, Bomag waste compactors help to optimize waste disposal processes.

    Recycler: Sustainable processing of building materials

    Bomag recyclers play a crucial role in the sustainable processing of building materials. Thanks to their ability to recycle asphalt and concrete on site, these machines contribute to conserving resources and reducing transport routes. The Bomag recyclers enable the reuse of building materials and thus contribute to the environmental sustainability of construction projects.

    Bomag remains a pioneer in the construction equipment industry by focusing on innovation, quality and sustainability. With its pavers, feeders, waste compactors and recyclers, Bomag offers comprehensive solutions to the challenges of modern construction and recycling management.

    Rollers for every requirement:

    Bomag is particularly known for its comprehensive range of rollers, which play a key role in asphalt and soil compaction. From small hand rollers to heavy tandem and combination rollers, Bomag offers a wide range to meet the requirements of a wide range of construction projects. The innovative technologies, such as the ECONOMIZER systems for efficient compaction control, make Bomag rollers a preferred choice in the construction industry.

    Soil stabilizers and cold milling machines:

    Bomag also offers an impressive range of soil stabilizers and cold planers for civil engineering. These machines play a crucial role in the preparation of subsoil and asphalt surfaces. Through advanced technologies, Bomag soil stabilizers enable reliable soil improvement, while the cold milling machines enable efficient milling and recycling of asphalt pavements.

    Headquarters and dealer network

    The headquarters of BOMAG GmbH is located in Boppard am Rhein. The company also has other branches in various cities in Germany. With a total of 12 subsidiaries worldwide, BOMAG has a well-developed dealer network in 120 countries around the world.

    Company history

    BOMAG, the abbreviation for Bopparder Maschinenbaugesellschaft, was founded in 1957 and has been part of the renowned FAYAT Group from France since 2005.

    Product development

    In 1976, BOMAG built an advanced research and development center for compaction technology in the Hellerwald industrial area in Boppard. Over the course of the following decades, both the company premises and production capacities were continually expanded and enlarged.

    The outstanding expertise of this group of companies lies in the constant development and improvement of machines for earthworks and road construction. A notable product from 2016 is the innovative BM 2000 cold milling machine, which is particularly suitable for use in large projects such as highways and airports.

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