Winter maintenance and street cleaning

Winter Maintenance and Street Cleaning Technology

IME has expanded the product range by spare parts for snow clearing machines, de-icing equipment and street cleaning machinery, especially spare and wear parts for snow plows, snow blowers, spreaders, sprayers and sweepers and street washers. These products are supplied worldwide.

Snow Removal Technology

Snow plows

  • Multi-section
  • with flap Segment
  • Airport
  • Light snow plows
  • side plow SF 4/5 and SFL 4/5

Snow blowers

  • Snow booster B6
  • Snow blower B4

Sweeper blowers

  • Jetbroom Runway RWY
  • Jetbroom Highway HWY
  • Jetbroom Runway towed RWY-T

Spreading Technology

Truck-mounted spreaders

Single chamber spreader (series IMS)

Spreader for dumper trucks (series STA)

Airport de-icers (series FullWet)

Combined spreaders (series CombiWet)

Surface Cleaning Technology

Sweepers (series S and Pony)

Washer vehicles

Multi-purpose vehicles (Pony und REXTER)


  • Compact sweepers (series CityCat)
  • Truck-mounted sweepers (series CityFant)

Snow Chains

Tyre Protection Chains

Winter Maintenance Technology

Snow clearance

Snow plows

  • Single-blade snow plows
  • Multi-blade snow plows
  • Special snow plows

Rotating snow clearing

Automotive snow clearing

Attachable snow clearing

  • Self-propelled snow cutter blower (series Supra)
  • Self-propelled snow cutter blower (Supra 4002)



  • De-mountable spreaders (series Stratos, Syntox and Galeox)
  • Towed spreaders (series Stratos A)
  • Attachable spreaders (series Traxos)


  • De-mountable sprayers (Straliq)
  • Towed sprayers (CSP)

Combination machines for spraying and spreading

Summer Maintenance Technology

Street Clearance


  • Compact Sweepers (series Swingo and Cleango)
  • Attachable sweepers (series VKS and LKS)
  • Towed sweepers
  • Mounted sweepers
  • De-mountable sweepers

Street washers

  • series Cityjet

Sand cutter blowers (Santera 3000)

Airport Technology

Snow Clearance

Snow plows

  • Airport snow plows (series MS and PVF)

Rotating snow clearing

  • High performance snow clearance machine (series Turbostream)
  • Snow cutter blower (series Supra)

Compact Jet Sweeper


Spreaders (series STRATOS)


  • Nozzle sprayers
  • Disc sprayers

Combination systems for spreading and spraying

  • Combined machine for the airport (series ACE)


Attachable sweepers

Airport permanent magnet beam

Mounted sweepers

Airport sweepers

High-quality spare parts for winter service technology and street cleaning: Reliable availability for effective winter service

In winter service and street cleaning, reliable machines are crucial to meet the constant challenges of snow, ice and road pollution. Our high-quality spare parts for snow plows, snow blowers, sprayers, gritters, sweepers and flood vehicles guarantee continuous availability of your equipment to ensure that roads and areas are always safe and clean.

Snow plows: Efficient snow removal for clear roads

Our snow plow replacement parts ensure efficient snow removal and keep roads clear during the winter months. From scrapers to hydraulic components, we offer quality replacement parts to ensure your snow plows are always ready for action.

Snow blowers: Reliable removal of snow masses

Our spare parts for snow blowers support the reliable removal of snow masses. With robust wear parts and drive components, we ensure that your snow blowers can work efficiently, even with large amounts of snow.

Spraying machines and spreading machines: Even distribution of road salt and cutting agents

Our spare parts for spraying machines and spreading machines ensure an even distribution of road salt and other cutting agents. From nozzles to conveyors, we offer high-quality components to ensure your machines can effectively tackle slippery roads and snowdrifts.

Sweepers: Effective cleaning of streets and areas

Our spare parts for sweepers help to clean streets and surfaces effectively. With wear parts, brushes and filter systems, we ensure that your sweepers can carry out a thorough cleaning, even with varying degrees of contamination.

Flood vehicles: Quick removal of water and dirt

Our spare parts for flood vehicles enable quick removal of water, dirt and other residues. With pumps, nozzles and filters, we ensure that your flood vehicles work reliably and ensure efficient street cleaning.

IME GmbH: Your partner for spare parts for winter service and street cleaning

IME GmbH is your experienced partner for high-quality spare parts in the areas of winter service technology and street cleaning. Our wide range of products and expert support ensure your equipment is always ready for use. Contact us to find out more about what we offer and how we can help you optimize your winter service and cleaning processes.