Logistics vehicles and logistics systems

Spare parts for transport systems and cargo handling solutions

IME-GmbH has further expanded its product range. Now it also includes spare parts for container handlers, forklifts, bulk handling solutions, reachstackers, terminal and RoRo tractors as well as terminal cranes, straddle carriers and heavy-duty trailers.

Goldhofer Transport Technology

  • Trailers
    • TU / TU-L, TN-L
  • Semi-Trailers
    • Flatbed semi-trailers
    • Semi lowloaders
      • »ARCUS« P / »ARCUS« PK, STZ-L / STZ-H / »MPA«, STZ-L / »MPA« with wheel recess
    • Lowloader trailers
      • STZ-VL / STZ-VH, »MPA« V, STZ-VP (245), STZ-VP (285)
  • Heavy-duty Modules
    • Towed
    • Self-propelled
  • Special Applications
    • FTV 300, FTV 500, »FAKTOR« 5 / »FAKTOR« 5.5, RA 2, RA 3, RA 4, »BLADEX«

Goldhofer Airport Technology (formerly SCHOPF)

  • Cargo and baggage tow tractors
    • »SHERPA« D, »SHERPA« E
  • Conventional tractors
    • F59, »BISON« D 370, »BISON« E 370, »BISON« D 620, »BISON« D 1000, F 396
  • Towbarless tractors
    • AST-2P/X »PHOENIX«, AST-1X
  • Aircraft Recovery Transport System – ARTS

Kalmar Germany GmbH

Kalmar Forklift trucks

  • Forklift trucks 60-72 t DCG600-720
  • Forklift trucks 18-52 t DCF180-520, DCG180-330, DCE280-330, DCF370-520
  • Forklift trucks 9-18 t DCG90-180
  • Forklift trucks 5-9 t DCG50-90
  • Electric forklift trucks 5-9 t ECG50-90
  • Electric forklift trucks 9-18 t ECG90-180

Kalmar Reachstackers

  • Kalmar K-Motion Gloria DRG450 6-6.5
  • Containerhandling DRG420-450, DRG100-120, DRG450

Kalmar Masted container handlers

  • Empty container handlers DCF 70-100, DCF 80-100, DCG 80-100, DCT 80-90
  • Loaded container handlers DRT450

Kalmar Terminal tractors

  • Distribution handling Kalmar T2, Kalmar Ottawa T2
  • Industrial handling Kalmar T2, Kalmar Ottawa T2, Kalmar 618i, Kalmar TR626i-TR632i
  • RoRo handling Kalmar 618i, Kalmar TR626i-TR632i
  • Container handling Kalmar T2, Kalmar Ottawa T2, Kalmar 618i

Kalmar Bulk handling solutions

  • Kalmar-Siwertell

Kalmar Essential range

  • Essential forklift range 10-18 tons DCG100-180T
  • Essential reachstackers DRU450-570
  • Essential Range of empty container handlers DCU80-100

Kalmar Rough terrain handlers

  • Reachstacker RT240
  • Telehandler RT022
  • Kalmar RTG cranes
  • AutoRTG
  • Zero-Emission-RTG
  • Hybrid RTG
  • SmartPower RTG
  • Classic RTG

Kalmar Ship-to-shore cranes STS

Kalmar Shuttle carriers

  • FastCharge™ Shuttle carrier
  • AutoShuttle™
  • Hybrid shuttle carrier
  • Shuttle carrier
  • Classic shuttle carrier

Kalmar Straddle carriers

  • Fastcharge™ Straddle carrier
  • AutoStrad™
  • Hybrid straddle carrier
  • Straddle carrier
  • Classic straddle carrier

Kalmar Automated stacking cranes

  • Automatic stacking crane terminal
  • Automated straddle carrier-terminal
    • ASC terminal
    • Automatic RTG terminal
    • Terminal conversion
  • Automated truck handling
  • Equipment control system TLS

MAFI Transport-Systeme GmbH

MAFI Heavy-duty equipment for ports and industry

MAFI Terminal and RoRo Tractors

  • Terminal tractor T 230
  • Terminal tractor T 230 F
  • Distribution tractor T 250 D
  • RORO tractor R 332/R 336
  • Tractor with ballast weight R 332 Z
  • Heavy-duty tractor HD 445

MAFI Industrial and Heavy-Duty Trailers

  • Industrial trailers
    • Industrial trailers with axle pivot steering
      • Basic version 1060-2/1160-2
      • All wheel steering 1060/1160
    • Industrial trailers with turnable steering
      • Basic version 1010/1110
      • All wheel steering 1020/1120
    • Heavy-duty trailers
      • Heavy-duty trailer with turnable steering
        • Basic version 1110-4
        • All wheel steering 1120-4
      • Heavy-duty trailer with axle-tree bed bolster steering
        • Basic version 1170-2/2
        • All wheel steering 1170-4
      • Heavy-duty trailer with axle tree bed bolster steering and mechanila axle load balancer
        • Basic version 1190-2/2
        • All wheel steering 1190-4
    • Cargo-/Rolltrailer
    • Containerchassis

MAFI Stock Equipment

TERBERG Spezialfahrzeuge GmbH

TERBERG Tractors

  • Yard tractors YT series
    • Airport YT, YT182, YT222
  • Electric yard tractors YT series
    • YT202-EV
  • Body carriers BC series
    • BC182, BCYT180
  • Distribution tractors Low Entry DT series
    • DT183LE, DT223LE
  • Terminal tractors RT/TT series
    • RT222, RT223, RT282, RT283, RT323, RT382
    • TT182, TT183, TT222, TT223
  • RoRo tractors RT series
    • RT223, RT283, RT323, RT382, RT403
  • Road/Rail tractors RR series
    • RR222, RR282
  • Hook lift tractor
    • CC TT 222, TT 223

TERBERG Truck-mounted Forklifts KingLifter

  • KingLifter model S
  • KingLifter model M
  • KingLifter model MC
  • KingLifter model M 4W
  • KIngLifter model MC 4W
  • KingLifter Accessories
    • Assembly stand
    • Truck-mount
      • TF-KL, TF-HM, TF-MS

High-quality spare parts for logistics vehicles and systems: Maximum reliability for smooth processes

In the world of logistics, the reliability of your vehicles and systems is crucial for smooth operations. Our high-quality spare parts for heavy-duty forklifts, forklifts, truck-mounted forklifts, reach stackers, terminal tractors and terminal cranes stand for quality and durability to ensure that your logistics processes function efficiently and smoothly.

Heavy-duty forklifts and forklifts: powerful helpers in warehouse logistics

Our spare parts for heavy-duty forklifts and forklifts ensure the maximum performance of these essential warehouse logistics vehicles. From hydraulic components to wear parts, we offer high-quality replacement parts to ensure your forklift fleet can always operate reliably and efficiently.

Transportable forklifts: flexibility for transporting goods

Our spare parts for truck-mounted forklifts offer the necessary flexibility for transporting goods, be it on the factory premises or in logistics centers. With specialized components, we ensure that your truck-mounted forklifts work reliably even under demanding conditions.

Reachstacker: Efficient container handling in port facilities

Our reach stacker spare parts are designed to ensure efficient container handling in port facilities. With precision and reliability, these parts help your reachstacker fleet efficiently load and unload container ships.

Terminal tractors: Powerful tractors for transporting goods

Our spare parts for terminal tractors ensure the necessary power and reliability for the transport of goods in port terminals and logistics centers. With high-quality components, we ensure that your terminal tractors are always operationally safe and efficient.

Terminal cranes: efficient loading of containers and heavy loads

Our spare parts for terminal cranes enable efficient loading of containers and heavy loads. From winches to electric motors, we offer high-quality replacement parts to ensure your terminal cranes operate reliably and safely, even under intensive use.

IME GmbH: Your partner for spare parts in the logistics industry

IME GmbH is your experienced partner for high-quality spare parts in the logistics industry. Our wide product range and expertise ensure that your logistics vehicles and systems always function at the highest level. Contact us to find out more about what we offer and how we can help you optimize your logistics processes.