Spare parts for concrete mixing plants - Concrete recycling plants

Construction Machinery Parts for Concrete Mixing Plants – Concrete Pumps – Concrete Recycling Plants

IME supplies spare parts for concrete mixing plants, concrete mixing trucks and concrete recycling plants throughout the world.

Concrete Pumps (incl. CARBOTECH and ZOOMLION)

Truck Mixer Pumps (MAGNUM)

Truck Mixer

  • SL series
  • Energya

Construction Pumps

  • series 6,7 and 8
  • HCL
  • Crawler pumps

Shotcrete Machine

Stationary Pumps

Formwork Systems

Concrete Plants

  • CompactEasy
  • Tower Plants
  • Recycling Plants


  • Single-Shaft Compulsory Mixer EMS-series
  • Twin-Shaft Compulsory Mixer Type EMDW
  • Laboratory Mixer Type EMS 60

Concrete Mixing Plants

  • Stationary Mixing Plants EBC-series
  • Mobile Mixing Plants ESM-series
  • Special Plants

Concrete Pumps

  • Truck-Mounted Concrete Pumps Type AP
  • Stationary Concrete Pumps Type EBP

Truck Mixer


Concrete Pumps

  • Truck-mounted Concrete Pumps
  • Truck Mixer Concrete Pumps
  • Trailer Concrete Pumps and Crawler Concrete Pumps
  • Climbing Booms and Distributor Booms

Batching Plants

  • Horizontal Mixing Plants (series Compactmix, Easymix and Mobilmix)
  • Mixing Towers (series Betomat)

Recycling Plants

  • Type LRS (screw system)
  • Type LRT (through system)

Mixer Systems

  • Ring-pan Mixer
  • Twin-shaft Mixer
  • Mobile mixer system (MTS)

Scraper Systems

  • Manual Scraper Systems

Measuring Technology

  • Moisture Measurement Litronic-FMS
  • Water Content Measurement Litronic-WMS
  • Coating Control System Litronic-FMS III/CCS

Concrete Pumps

  • Truck mounted concrete pumps
  • Stationary concrete pumps
  • Truck mixer concrete pumps
  • Truck mixer add-on pumps
  • Tunnel concrete pumps
  • Shotcrete pumps
  • City pumps

Mobile belt conveyor

Placing Systems

  • Stationary placing booms (MX-series)
  • Techanical distributors (RV-series)
  • Tower systems

Concrete Mixer

Concrete Batching Plants


  • SCHWING Stetter Concrete Mixing Plants

      • HN 1,5, HN 1,67, HN 2,25, HN 2,5, HN 3,0, HN 3,5, HN 4,0, H 5, H 6
      • CP 30 TZ, CP 30 SZ
    • MOBILE
      • M1, M 1,25, M 1,5, M 2,25, M 2,5
      • V-AK, V-AM, V-AG
  • SCHWING Stetter Trucking Mixers

  • SCHWING Stetter Truck-Mixer Concrete Pumps

    • FBP 21/100, FBP 24/100-125, FBP 26/100
  • SCHWING Stetter Truck-mounted Concrete Pumps

    • S 20, S 24 X, S 28 X, S 31 XT, S 36 X, S 38 SX, REPTOR, S 39 SX, S 42 SX, S 43 SX, S 46 SX, S 47 SX, S 52 SX, S 55 SX, S 58 SX, S 61 SX
  • SCHWING Stetter Stationary Concrete Pumps

    • SP 305, SP 500, SP 750, SP 1000, SP 1800, SP 2800, SP 3800, SP 7000, SP 7500, SP 8800, SP 8800 CONTAINER
  • SCHWING Stetter Concrete Recycling Plants

    • RA 6, RA 12, RA 20
  • SCHWING Stetter Industrial and Environmental Technology

    • KSP 5 HD, KSP 10 HDV, KSP 12 HD, KSP 17 HDV, KSP 25 HDR, KSP 40 HD, KSP 45 HD, KSP 50 HDV, KSP 65 HDR, KSP 70 XL HD, KSP 80 HDV, KSP 110, KSP 140 V, KSP 220 R, KSP 315 XL, TAP 30 R, TAP 110 R, TAP 140 R
  • SCHWING Stetter Separate Placing Booms

    • SPB 25, SPB 27 T, SPB 28, SPB 32, SPB 35, RVM 12

Efficient concrete processing: concrete mixing plants, concrete pumps, truck mixers and concrete recycling plants

In the construction industry, reliable concrete processing machines are crucial to the success of construction projects. Our state-of-the-art concrete mixing plants, concrete pumps, truck mixers and concrete recycling plants offer innovative solutions for the production, transport and recycling of concrete.

Concrete mixing plants: High-precision concrete production

Our concrete mixing plants set standards in terms of high-precision concrete production. Using advanced mixing technologies, they enable the production of concrete with precisely defined properties, be it for road construction, high-rise construction or other construction projects. Our systems are designed to ensure consistent quality and efficiency.

Concrete pumps: effective concrete transport

Our concrete pumps are essential tools for effectively transporting concrete on the construction site. With different ranges and conveying capacities, they offer flexible solutions for various construction projects. From foundations to tall structures, our concrete pumps enable precise and efficient concrete transport.

Truck mixer: Mobile concrete transport

Our truck mixers offer a mobile solution for transporting concrete. With their rotating drums, the concrete is continuously mixed during transport to ensure an even consistency. Truck mixers are particularly effective for transporting concrete to construction sites with limited space.

Concrete recycling plants: Sustainable use of resources

Our concrete recycling plants play an important role in the sustainable use of resources. They enable the recycling of concrete demolition materials, minimizing waste and recovering valuable resources. These facilities help reduce environmental impacts and promote sustainable building practices.

IME GmbH: Your partner for spare parts for concrete processing machines

IME GmbH is your experienced partner for state-of-the-art spare parts for concrete processing machines. Our broad product portfolio includes concrete spare parts for mixing plants, concrete pumps, truck mixers and concrete recycling plants from leading manufacturers. Trust in our expertise and high-quality products to implement your construction projects efficiently and sustainably.

Contact us to find out more about what we offer and how we can help you optimize your concrete processing.