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Milling machines, also known as cold milling machines, play a crucial role in road construction, particularly in preparation for new pavement or rehabilitation projects. These specialized machines precisely and efficiently remove old layers of asphalt or concrete to make room for fresh material.

The milling process is carried out by rotating milling drums that peel off the top layer of the road surface. This allows not only the removal of damaged or worn materials, but also a uniform surface for subsequent asphalting or concreting.


  • Types BM500/15, BM 600/15, BM 1000/35, BM 1200/35, BM 1300/35, BM 1000/30, BM 1200/30, BM 1300/30, BM 2000/75, BM 22100/75


  • Types BM500/15, BM 600/15, BM 1000/35, BM 1200/35, BM 1300/35, BM 1000/30, BM 1200/30, BM 1300/30, BM 2000/75, BM 22100/75


  • Cold milling machines
    • Types W 35 DC, W 35 Ri, W 50, W 50 R, W 50 Ri, W 50 H, W 60 R, W 60 Ri, W 100, W 100i, W 100 R, W 100 Ri, W 120 R, W 120 Ri, W 100 H, W 130 H
  • Compact milling machines
    • Types W 100 CFi, W 100 CF, W 120 CF, W 120 CFi, W 130 CF, W 130 CFi, W 150 CF, W 150 CFi
  • Large milling machines
    • Types W 1900, W 200, W 200i, W 200 Hi, W 2000, W 210, W 210i, W 220, W 250i
  • Old models
    • Types W 50 DC, W 60, W 100 F, W 100 FK, W 120 F, W 150, W 500, W 500 C, W 500 DC, W 210, W 600 DC, W 1000, W 1000 F, W 1000 FK, W 1500, W 1900, W 2000, W 2100, W 2200, W 2200 CR

Milling in road construction: Efficient preparation for a new road surface

Milling offers several advantages, including reduced construction time because the process occurs in a single step. The machines are available in different sizes and performance classes to meet the requirements of different construction projects. The use of milling machines helps to increase efficiency in road construction and ensure high-quality road surfaces.

Bomag offers a wide range of milling machines known for their robustness and performance. The machines feature advanced control technologies that enable precise and efficient material removal. With different working widths and performance classes, Bomag milling machines offer versatile solutions for road construction and renovation projects.

Dynapac specializes in innovative solutions in the field of milling technology. The focus is on efficiency and adaptability to different construction projects. Dynapac mills offer advanced control systems and robust construction to ensure precise material removal and optimal surface preparation.

Wirtgen, as part of the Wirtgen Group, is a pioneer in milling technology. Wirtgen milling machines are known for their advanced automation, high productivity and precision. The machines offer innovative features such as integrated telematics systems to optimize the construction process. Wirtgen milling machines are designed to meet the highest requirements in road construction.

Overall, the innovations from Bomag, Dynapac and Wirtgen illustrate the advances in milling technology. These manufacturers offer state-of-the-art machines that not only increase efficiency but also help create high-quality pavements for road infrastructure projects.

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