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    Wirtgen Group: Innovation-driven construction machines for the highest demands

    The Wirtgen Group, consisting of renowned brands such as Wirtgen, Voegele, Hamm, Kleemann and Benninghoven, stands for leading innovations and state-of-the-art construction machinery worldwide. The group offers an impressive range of machines used in various construction projects worldwide.

    Wirtgen cold milling machines – efficient road renovation

    Wirtgen cold milling machines are groundbreaking in road renovation. These machines specialize in precisely removing asphalt pavement to make room for new layers. With innovative technology and high performance, Wirtgen cold milling machines enable efficient and environmentally friendly renovation of roads.

    Vogele pavers – precise and efficient

    VÖGELE pavers are known for their precision and efficiency when laying asphalt. The machines offer advanced features including accurate material metering and precise paving thickness control. Voegele technology ensures uniform, high-quality asphalting on roads and highways.

    Hamm rollers – high compaction performance

    The Hamm rollers from the Wirtgen Group are synonymous with high compaction performance. These rollers are crucial for preparing ground and building stable roads. With different types of rollers, Hamm offers solutions for different requirements and soil conditions.

    Kleemann crushing and screening systems – powerful shredding

    Kleemann , part of the Wirtgen Group, specializes in crushing and screening systems for the construction and mining sectors. The machines are characterized by their high performance, flexibility and reliability and enable efficient crushing of rock and building materials.

    Benninghoven asphalt mixing plants – highest quality in asphalt production

    Benninghoven , another proud part of the Wirtgen Group, is known worldwide for its world-class asphalt mixing plants. These plants set standards in terms of efficiency, quality and environmental friendliness and are crucial for the production of high-quality asphalt in various construction projects.

    Company history of the Wirtgen Group

    Reinhard Wirtgen founded the company in 1961 as a haulage company. At the beginning he carried out small transport orders as a one-man company. At the same time, he developed concrete breakers for road construction.

    About 10 years later, the Wirtgen company began building road milling machines. The number of employees had now grown to over 150. At the end of the 1970s, cold milling machines were used as an innovation in addition to the tried and tested hot milling machines, which were soon sold throughout Europe.

    In 1997, Reinhard Wirtgen died in a car accident, so his two sons Jürgen and Stefan Wirtgen took over management of the company.

    Through the purchase of the companies Hamm, Voegele, Kleemann and Benninghoven, the company became the Wirtgen Group and thus the world market leader in the field of road construction.

    In addition to the main plant in Windhagen in Germany, Wirtgen has other production facilities in India, Brazil and China.

    The Wirtgen Group has been part of the agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere since the end of 2017. It is therefore no longer owned by the Wirtgen family, who have completely withdrawn from the company.

    We deliver spare parts worldwide for:

    • WIRTGEN road construction machines

      • Cold milling
      • Cold recycler and soil stabilizer
      • Slipform paver
      • Surface Miner
      • Heißrecycler

    IME supplies spare parts for all Wirtgen models such as:

    Cold milling

    • W250, W1000, W2000, u.a.

    Cold recycler

    • WR2000, WR2400, WR2500, u.a.

    Surface Miners

    • 2500SM, u.a.