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    We supply spare parts worldwide for:

    Kleemann: Top performance in mobile crushing and screening plants

    Kleemann is a pioneer in the manufacture of state-of-the-art mobile crushing and screening systems that are valued worldwide in the construction and recycling industries. Kleemann’s product range includes a variety of mobile crushers and screening systems that offer maximum efficiency, performance and mobility for demanding applications.

    Mobile jaw crushers from the MOBICAT series: Robust shredding solutions

    The mobile jaw crushers from the MOBICAT series from Kleemann are characterized by their robustness and reliability. They offer efficient shredding of rock, minerals and recycled materials. With advanced technologies and innovative design, the MOBICAT crushers enable precise adjustment of the crushing gap width and can therefore be adapted to various requirements.

    Mobile impact crushers from the MOBIREX series: Versatile crushing solutions

    The mobile impact crushers of the MOBIREX series from Kleemann are known for their versatility and performance. These crushers are suitable for crushing hard rock and recycled materials. With various configurations and advanced control systems, MOBIREX impact crushers offer flexible solutions for a wide range of applications.

    Mobile screening systems from the MOBISCREEN series: Efficient material classification

    Kleemann’s mobile screening systems from the MOBISCREEN series enable efficient material classification in different size fractions. With various screening decks and advanced vibration technologies, MOBISCREEN screening systems ensure precise results when processing rock, sand, gravel and recycled materials.

    Mobile cone crushers from the MOBICONE series: precise crushing of hard rock

    The mobile cone crushers from the MOBICONE series from Kleemann are specially designed for the precise crushing of hard rock. With their robust construction and advanced cone crusher technology, MOBICONE crushers offer high performance and reliability in a wide range of rock applications.

    Mobile secondary impact crushers from the MOBIFOX series: Effective shredding of recycled material

    The mobile secondary impact crushers of the MOBIFOX series from Kleemann are specialized in the effective shredding of recycled material. With various configurations and a compact design, the MOBIFOX crushers enable the production of high-quality recycled products and contribute to the sustainable use of resources.

    Kleemann relies on the latest technologies and innovative strength to develop mobile crushing and screening systems that meet the highest standards in the construction industry. The mobility and adaptability of these machines make them essential tools for construction companies and recycling operations worldwide.

    Kleemann’s mobile crushing and screening technology, be it the MOBICAT series, MOBIREX series, MOBISCREEN series, MOBICONE series or MOBIFOX series, demonstrates Kleemann’s commitment to quality, performance and sustainability in the construction industry.

    Kleemann’s company history

    The KLEEMANN company was founded in Göppingen in what is now Baden-Württemberg in 1857 and can therefore look back on a long company history. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, there was a specialization in rock processing through the construction of mobile crushing and screening plants. Stationary and tracked systems were later added. KLEEMANN was one of the pioneers, particularly in the development of tracked mobile systems. And the machines from KLEEMANN GmbH are also among the innovative products in the natural stone and recycling industries.

    The company has been part of the WIRTGEN group of companies since 2006, which holds 80% of the shares. In 2009, a new main factory of KLEEMANN GmbH was put into operation in Stauferpark in Göppingen.

    The machines are manufactured in this factory on a 26,000 m² production area.

    IME supplies spare parts for all KLEEMANN machines like

    Mobile jaw crushers

    • series MOBICAT
      • types MC 100 R EVO, MC 110 R EVO, MC 110 Z EVO, MC 120 Z, MC 125 Z, MC 140 Z, MC 160 PRR

    Mobile impact crushers

    • series MOBIREX
      • types MR 110 Z EVO 2, MR 122 Z, MR 130 Z EVO 2, MR 150 Z, MR 170 Z

    Track-mounted secondary crushers

    • series MOBICONE
      • types MCO 9 EVO, MCO 9 S EVO, MCO 11 PRO, MCO 11 S, MCO 13, MCO 13 S

    Track-mounted screening plants

    • series MOBISCREEN
      • types MS 12 Z, MS 13 Z, MS 14 Z, MS 15 Z, MS 16 Z, MS 16 D, MS 19 Z, MS 19 D, MS 20 D, MS 21 Z, MS 23 D
    • series MOBISCREEN EVO
      • types MS 702 EVO, MS 703 EVO, MS 952 EVO, MS 953 EVO