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    The machines from TREPEL

    TREPEL Aircraft Tow Tractors – Efficient Solutions for Airport Operations

    TREPEL aircraft tugs are specially designed for the demanding tasks in the aviation industry. With their robust construction and powerful engines, they offer outstanding towing capacities to move even the largest aircraft with ease. These tugs are perfectly adapted to the tight schedules and high demands of airports to ensure smooth and efficient ground handling.

    Advantages of TREPEL aircraft towing tractors:

    1. Reliability: TREPEL’s aircraft tugs are known for their high reliability. You can count on them to always be ready for action to support smooth operations at the airport.
    2. Efficiency: Thanks to advanced technology and powerful engines, these tugs offer excellent performance and maximum efficiency when towing aircraft.
    3. Safety: Safety is TREPEL’s top priority. The tugs are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features to prevent accidents and ensure the protection of employees and aircraft.

    TREPEL’s aircraft tugs have proven themselves in numerous airports around the world and are the first choice for airport operators who focus on quality and performance. Rely on TREPEL to optimize your ground handling operations and make airport operations a smooth and efficient process.

    TREPEL lifting platforms – Effortless lifting of loads

    In the aerospace industry, efficient lifting solutions are critical to optimize workflows and increase productivity. For over decades, Trepel has manufactured world-class lifts to meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

    Why TREPEL lifting platforms?

    The lifts are designed to handle the most demanding tasks with ease. With their precise control and simple operation, they enable safe and efficient lifting and lowering of goods and other objects.

    Advantages of TREPEL lifting platforms:

    1. Powerful: The lifts are equipped with powerful hydraulic systems that enable smooth and effortless movement of loads.
    2. Versatility: TREPEL offers lifts in various designs and load capacities to meet the different requirements of your industry.
    3. Durability: The high quality of the materials and the solid construction ensure a long service life and minimize the need for maintenance.

    TREPEL – Your partner for customized lever solutions

    The lifts are designed and manufactured by experts who have many years of experience in the industry. At Trepel, we believe that a customized solution for your individual requirements is the key to success. That’s why we are here to help you find and implement the best lifting solution for your business.

    TREPEL lifting vehicles – Efficient material transport

    In the aviation and logistics industry, the efficient transport of goods and materials is crucial. For decades, TREPEL has earned the trust of companies around the world by providing high-quality lifting vehicles that optimize material movement and increase productivity.

    Why TREPEL lifting vehicles?

    The hoists are tailored to the requirements of a wide range of industries and offer a flexible and reliable solution for material handling. With their robust construction and advanced technology, they are designed to move heavy loads safely and efficiently.

    Company history

    In the beginning the former family company Trepel built scissor lifts for loading trucks and ramps.

    In the 60’s when more and more wide-bodied airplanes came on the market, the company Trepel developed so-called Mobile Lounges, a truck chassis with a scissor lift on whose platform a lounge, comparable to a bus top, was mounted. Now, for the first time, passengers were picked up directly at the aircraft by means of a lounge and taken to the terminal. During the trip to the terminal, the scissor lift lowered to ground level so that passengers could disembark at ground level. The first lounges of this type were used at the new airport in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) when the first DC-10 was unloaded.

    In 1985, the Trepel family sold the company to PHB Weserhütte.

    In the course of time, the aircraft loading and unloading machines were further developed. Production was moved to Tauberbischofsheim. There the company still produces, together with its sister company MAFI, loaders of the models Champ 70 and Champ 350. The sales department is located in Wiesbaden.