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    Company history

    Up until 2001 the Demag Baumaschinen GmbH in Düsseldorf was the biggest and leading manufacturer of construction machinery in Europe even world-wide. Together with Caterpillar they were world market leaders in many sectors.

    Demag was one of the most important divisions of the Mannesmann Group in Düsseldorf which also produced steel and seamless steel pipes.

    Demag construction machinery produced large equipment like excavators (120t), mining excavators, hydraulic cranes, truck-mounted cranes, mobile cranes, overhead cranes, road pavers, asphalt rollers, portable and stationary air compressors.

    Additionally, the Mannesmann Group owned Mannesmann-Rexroth (Hydraulics) and the telephone division (D1).

    In 2001 the Mannesmann Group was sold to Vodafone UK for approximately 180 Billion Euro who broke it up and sold it.

    Demag was subdivided in various areas.

    • The road contraction division (Düsseldoft and Lingen) were sold to Svedala Sweden.
    • Demag crane (Zweibrücken) was sold to Terex.
    • Demag indoor cranes was kept as an autonomous company (Wetter an der Ruhr)
    • Demag earthmoving equipment (diggers and mining excavators) was sold to Komatsu, Japan who today still produce mining excavators in the Saarland.
    • Demag compressed air technology (Stimmern) was sold to CompAir.
    • The hydaulics division was sold in its entirety to Bosch (today Bosch-Rexroth)
    • The steel pipe production was taken over by Salzgitter-Stahl.
    • The telephone division (Mobilfunk D1) was kept by Vodafone and expanded.

    In the meantime, many of these companies are up for sale once more. The road construction division was first sold to Svedala, Sweden. Later it went on to be sold to Metso, Finland. The divison then went over to Dynapac which has now been taken over by Atlas Copco. Demag compressed air technology which was sold to CompAir and now belongs to Gardener, Denver USA.