New sales group Atlas Copco called EPIROC from 01.10.2017

Earlier this year, Atlas Copco announced that it was preparing a proposal to split the group into two companies. Atlas Copco will concentrate on industrial customers, while Epiroc will focus on mining and civil engineering.

In this new organisation there will be included:

  • the whole range of demolition tools (former Krupp hammer).
  • compaction plates (light compaction equipment) has been sold before under the name of Dynapac.
  • the whole range of former Atlas Copco rock drill – tunnel and drilling equipment Atlas Copco inclusive former Ingersoll Rand crawler rock drill equipment.

New sales group Atlas Copco compressor

This group will be handling all air products inclusive mobile and stationary compressors as well as generators, pneumatic hammers, pumps and the range of former IRMER – Elze compressor company.


Dynapac – asphalt finisher, rollers and heavy compaction machines –  has been finally sold to Fayat Group who also owns Bomag Marini etc.

Light compaction equipment like LT 6004 rammer remains with Atlas Copco.