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    Kroma: Precise monitoring systems for the railway industry

    Kroma has established itself as a renowned manufacturer of high-precision monitoring systems in the railway industry. The product range includes water level indicators for passenger cars, tank level indicators with overfill protection for diesel locomotives and multiple units, and oil level indicators with monitoring for engines, transmissions and hydraulics. Kroma also offers advanced cooling water control systems. Here are some outstanding features of these innovative systems:

    Water level indicators for passenger coaches: Kroma’s water level indicators ensure reliable monitoring of the water level in passenger coaches. Precise displays provide operators and technicians with precise information about the current water level to ensure optimal functionality and safety of the towing vehicles.

    Fuel level indicators with overfill protection: Kroma offers advanced fuel level indicators for diesel locomotives and multiple units. These systems not only enable an accurate display of the tank level, but are also equipped with overfill protection. This ensures safe and efficient refueling, minimizing potential risks.

    Oil level indicators with monitoring: Kroma’s oil level indicators provide precise monitoring of oil levels in engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems. Continuous monitoring allows potential problems to be identified early, resulting in improved maintenance and longer lifespan of drive components.

    Cooling water control systems: Kroma’s cooling water control systems ensure that the cooling water systems remain in optimal operating condition. By monitoring temperature and fluid levels, these systems enable timely detection of deviations, contributing to an efficient cooling process and minimizing potential overheating problems.

    Kroma attaches great importance to precision, reliability and innovation. The monitoring systems for water levels, tank levels, oil levels and cooling water are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the railway industry. With Kroma products, operators and maintenance teams can ensure that rail systems are always operating in optimal conditions.

    The company history of Kroma

    Kroma Füllstandsmesstechnik GmbH was founded in 1968 by qualified engineer Dietrich Kroll and has been trading as this since 2006. Over the decades, Kroma has not only been able to assert itself on the market, but has also gained well-known partnerships in the railway industry. As experts in their field, the brand has been continually expanded and today stands for high quality.

    Roland Kroll, the son of the company founder, is now managing director of the family business.

    Kroma is now known worldwide and also works internationally with well-known brands.