Piezas de recambio para excavadoras

Spare parts for excavators

Excavators are powerful construction machines that are primarily used for earthworks on construction sites. Equipped with a hydraulic arm and bucket, excavators allow digging, lifting and moving earth, debris or other materials. They come in various sizes and designs, from compact mini excavators to heavy-duty large excavators, and are used in construction, demolition, mining and civil engineering projects. The versatile nature of excavators makes them essential tools for construction companies worldwide that want to carry out precise and efficient work on construction sites of various sizes.

Ahlmann Baumaschinen GmbH

see MECALAC Baumaschinen GmbH

ATLAS excavator

  • Wheeled excavator series W
    • Typen 140 W, 150 W, 160 W, 160 Wsr, 18 Wsr, 190 W, 220 W
  • Wheeled excavators (older models)
    • Typen 1104, 1204, 1304, 1404, 1504, 1604, 1704, 1804, 1304 M, 1404 M/MK, 1504 M, 1604 M/MK, 1305 M, 1505 M, 1605 M, 1705 M, 1805 M, 1905 M, 2005 M, 2205 M
  • Short tail mobile excavator series WSR
    • Typen 160 WSR, 180 WSR
  • Excavator material handling machines series MH
    • Typen 160 MH, 180 MH, 200 MH, 250 MH, 270 MH, 300 MH, 350 MH, 400 MH, 520 MH, 800 MH, 250 MHE, 350 MHE
  • Crawler excavator series LC
    • Typen 160 LC, 175 LCsr, 190 LC, 210 LC, 215 LCsr, 225 LC, 240 LC, 260 LC, 340 LC
  • Crawler excavators (older models)
    • Typen 1304 LC, 1504 LC, 1604 LC, 1704 LC, 1804 LC, 1605 LC, 1305 LC,
  • Two-way excavator series ZW
    • Types 1404 ZW, 1604 ZW
  • Short tail crawler excavator series LC
    • Typen 175 LC SR, 215 LC SR

Bobcat Excavators

  • Compact and short tail excavator series E
    • Types E08, E10, E14, E16, E17, E19, E20, E25, E26, E32, E35, E45, E50, E55, E62, E80, E85
  • Mobile bags
    • Types E55W, E57W

CASE Excavators

  • Mini excavator
    • Typen CX15B, CX18B, CS26B zts, CX30B zts, CX35B zts, CX39B zts, CX45B zts, CX50B zts, CX55B
  • Midi crawler excavator
    • Types CX75C SR (monoblock boom), CX75C SR (offset boom), CX80C MSR (swivel boom)
  • Crawler excavator SR
    • Types CX145CSR, CX235CSR
  • Crawler excavator
    • Types CX130C, CX130D, CX160D, CX180D, CX210C, CX210D, CX250D, CX300D, CX350D, CX370D, CX490D
  • Special equipment
    • Types CX130B LR, CX130C LR, CX210D LR, CX250D LR, CX500D ME
  • Mobile bags
    • Types WX148, WX168, WX188, WX218
  • Engine degrees
    • Types 836C, 836C AWD, 856C, 856C AWD

DOOSAN Infracore (formerly DAEWOO)

DOOSAN Excavators

  • Mini excavator
    • Types DX19, DX27Z, DX30Z, DX35Z, DX57W-5, DX62R-3, DX63-3, DX85R-3
  • Tracked excavator
    • Tracked excavator, medium size
      • Types DX140LC-5, DX140LCR-5, DX160LC-3, DX180LC-3, DX225LC-3, DX235LC-5, DX235LCR-5, DX235NLC-5, DX255LC-5
    • Tracked excavator, large
      • Types DX300LC-5, DX340LC-5, DX380LC-5, DX420LC-5, DX490LC-5, DX530LC-5
    • Tracked excavator, extra long reach
      • Type DX225LC-3 SLR
  • Mobile bags
    • Types DX140W-5, DX160W-5, DX165-W5, DX170W-5, DX190W-5, DX210W-5



Fiat Hitachi excavators

  • Crawler excavator
    • Typen EX 100.5, EX 100.5 M, EX 135, EX 135 USR, EX 165, EX 215, EX 255, EX 285, EX 355, EX 455, EX 50 LC 5, EX 75 UR-7
  • Tracked excavator
    • Typen ZX 210 LC-3, ZX 240 N-3, ZX 250 LCN-3, ZX 350 LCN, FH 150 LC-3, FH 200 LC-3, FH 300 EL, FH300.2, FH 330 LC-3,   FH 400.2 LCH

HYUNDAI Construction Machinery

HYUNDAI excavators

  • Crawler excavator
    • Type: R125LCR-9A, R140LC-9A, HX140 L, R145LCR-9A, HX145 LCR, R160LC-9A, R180LC-9A, R220LC-9A, HX220 L, R235LCR-9A, HX235 LCR, R260LC-9A, HX260 9A, HX300 L, R330LC-9A, HX330 L, R380LC-9A, HX380 L, R480LC-9A, HX480 L, R520LC-9A, HX520 L, R800LC-9, R1200-9
  • Wheel excavator
    • Type R55W-9A, R140W-9A, HW140, R160W-9A, R180W-9A, R210W-9A, HW210
  • Mini and midi excavators
    • Type R16-9, R17Z-9A, R25Z-9A, R35Z-9A, R55-9A, R60CR-9A, R80CR-9A

JCB excavators

  • Mobile bags
    • Types JS 145W TAB, JS 160W TAB, JS 175W TAB, JS200W TAB, JS 20MH
  • Crawler excavator
    • Types JZ 140, JZ 140 LC, JS 130 LC, JS 145 LC, JS 145 HD, JS 160 LC, JS 180 LC, JS 190 LC,  JS 200 LC, JS 210 LC, JS 220 LC/NLC, JS 240 NLC/SC/LC, JS 260 NLC/SC/LC, JS 300 LC/NLC, JS 330 LC/NLC, JS 370 LC/NLC
  • Mini excavator
    • Types 8008 CTS, 8010 CTS, 8014 CTS, 8016 CTS, 8018 CTS, 8020 CTS, 8025 ZTS, 8026 CTS, 8030 ZTS, 8035 ZTS
  • Midibagger
    • Types 48 Z-1, 51 R-1, 55 Z-1, 57 C-1, 65 R-1, 67 C-1, 85 Z-1, 86 C-1, 90 Z-1, 100 C-1
  • Backhoe loader
    • Types 3 CX Compact, 1 CX, 1 CXT, 3 CX, 4 CX, 3 CX Easy Control, 4 CX Easy Control, 3 CX Advanced Easy Control, 4 CX Advanced Easy Control

KOBELCO excavators

  • Mini excavators (1 – 6 tons)
    • Types SK08, SK10SR, SK10SR-2, SK10SR-3, SK16, SK17SR, SK17SR-3, SK17SR-5, SK18, SK22, SK25SR-6, SK26, SK27SR, SK27SR-5, SK28SR-6, SK30SR, SK30-SR -5, SK30SR-6, SK35SR, SK35SR-5, SK35SR-6, SK45SRX-6, SK55SRX, SK55SRX-6
  • Short tail crawler excavator series SR
    • Types SK75SR, SK85MSR, SK140SRLC-3, SK140SRLC-5, SK230SRL, SK230SRLC-5, SK260SRN, SK260SR(N)LC-3, SK270SR(N)LC-5, SK75SR-3, SK85MSR-3
  • Short tail crawler excavator
    • Types ED160 Blade Runner, ED160-3 Blade Runner, ED160-5 Blade Runner
  • Crawler excavators (18 – 50 tons)
    • Types SK180LC/N-10, SK210-9, SK210LC, SK210LC-10, SK260-9, SK260NLC, SK260LC-10, SK300LC-10, SK350-9, SK350NLC, SK350LC-10, SK500LC, SK500-9, SK500LC-10 , SK850LC
  • Demolition and recycling excavators
    • Types SK210D-10, SK210D-9


  • Hydraulic excavator
    • Standard hydraulic excavator
      • Types PC130-6, PC180LC,  PC180NLC, PC210 LC, PC210NLC-7, PC230 NHD-7, PC240-6, PC240LC-6, PC240NLC-6, PC240 LC-7, PC240 NLC-7, PC290LC-7, PC290NLC-7, PC340LC-7, PC340NLC-7, HB215LC-2 Hybrid, HB365LC-3 Hybrid, PC170LC-10, PC170LC-10 LGP, PC190LC/NLC-8, PC210/LC/NLC-8, PC210/LC-10, PC210LCi-10, PC210/LC-11,PC230NHD-8, PC240LC/NLC-10, PC240LC/NLC-11, PC290LC/NLC-10, PC290LC/NLC-11, PC360LC/NLC-10, PC360LC/NLC-11, PC490/LC-10, PC490/LC-11, PC700LC-8, PC800/LC-8, PC2000-8
    • Short tail excavator
      • Types PC128US-2, PC138US-2, PC228US-3, PC228LC-3, PC228USLC-3, PC138US-10, PC138US-11, PC228USLC-10
    • Super Long Front hydraulic excavator
      • Types PC130, PC210, PC240, PC350, PC210LC-8, PC210NLC-8, PC240LC-7, PC240NLC-7, PC240LC-8, PC240NLC-8, PC340LC-7, PC340NLC-7, SLF/LR
    • demolition excavator
      • Types PC340LC-7, PC340NLC-7, PC450LC-7, PC450NLC-7, PC210LC-10 Demolition, PC240LC/NLC-10 Demolition, PC290LC/NLC-10 Demolition, PC290LC/NLC-8 HRD, PC350LC/NLC-8 HRD, PC360LC/NLC-10 Demolition, PC490LC-10 Demolition, PC490LC-10 HRD
  • Mobile bags
    • Types PW130ES-6, PW140-7, PW150ES-6, PW170ES-6, PW220-7, PW148-8, PC148-10, PW160-8, PW160-10, PW180-7, PW180-10, PW200-7
  • Mini excavator
    • Types PC14R-2, PC15R-8, PC16R-2, PC18MR-2, PC20MR-2, PC20R-8, PC27MR-2, PC30MR-2, PC35R-8, PC45R-8, PC20MRx, PC30MRx, PC40MRx, PC09-1 , PC14R-3, PC16R-3, PC18MR-3, PC22MR-3, PC26MR-3, PC30MR-3, PC35MR-3, PC45MR-3, PC55MR-3
  • Compact excavator
    • Types PC75-2, PC78MR-2, PC78US-8, PC88MR-6, PC95R-2, PW75R-2, PW95R-2, PW98MR-6, PC80MR-3, PC88MR-8, PC88MR-10, PC118MR-8, PW98MR -8, PW98MR-10, PW118MR-8
  • Backhoe loader
    • Typen WB70A-1, WB91R-2, WB91R-5, WB93R-2, WB97R-2, WB97S-2, WB98A-2, WB93R-5, WB97R-5, WB93S-5, WB97S-5

LIEBHERR construction machinery

LIEBHERR excavator

  • Mobile bags
    • Types A308, A309, A311, A311 Litronic, A312 Litronic, A314, A314 Litronic, A316, A900, A900C Litronic, A900ZW, A900CZW, A900B Litronic, A902 Litronic, A904C HD LItronic,  A910 Compact Litronic, A912 Compact Litronic, A914 Compact Litronic, A914 Litronic, A916 Litronic, A918 Compact Litronic, A918 Litronic, A920 Litronic, A921C, A922 Litronic, A922 Rail Litronic, A924 Litronic, A924 B Litronic, A924 Heavy Lift Litronic, A934 C HD Litronic, 944 C HD
  • Crawler excavator
    • Types LC901, R904 HDSL, R906 LC Litronic, R911C LC, R914 B, 914 B HDSL, R914 Compact Litronic, R918 Litronic, R920 Compact Litronic, R920 Litronic, R922 Litronic, R924 B HDSL,  R924 Compact Tunnel Litronic, R924 Litronic, R926 Compact Litronic, R926 Litronic, R932 HD-S Litronic, R934, R934B HD S, R934C Abbruch Litronic, R934C NLC, R936 Litronic, R944B HD S Litronic, 944B HDSL, R944C Abbruch Litronic, R944C Abbruch Litronic, R944C Tunnel Litronic, R944C NLC, R946 Litronic, R950 Abbruch Litronic, R950 SME Litronic, R950 Tunnel Litronic, R954C Abbruch Litronic, R956 Litronic, R960 Abbruch Litronic, R960 SME Litronic, 962 HD Litronic, R964B HD,  R966 Litronic, R970 SME Litronic, R974B HDSL Litronic, R974C Abbruch Litronic, R976 Litronic, R980SME Litronic, R984 Litronic
  • Hydraulic cable excavator
    • Types HS832, HS840, HS842, HS843, HS850, HS851, HS852, HS853, HS855HD, HS873, HS882, HS883,HS 8030 HD, HS 8040 HD, HS 8050 HD, HS 8070  HD, HS 8100 HD, HS 8130 HD, HS 895 HD, HS 8300 HD Hybrid

MECALAC Baumaschinen GmbH (until 2012 Ahlmann Baumaschinen GmbH)

MECALAC excavators

  • Universal Mobile Bagger
    • Type 12MTX
  • Mobile bags
    • Type 7MWR, 9MWR, 11MWR, 15MWR
  • Skid crawler excavator
    • Types 6MCR, 8MCR, 10MCR
  • Crawler excavator
    • Type 714MCe


NOBAS excavators

  • UB-Series

Orenstein & Koppel (O & K)

O&K excavators

  • MH series
    • Types MH City, MH 2.5 C, MH 2.10, MH 4, MH 5 C, MH 5 Compact, MH 5.5, MH 6, MH 6 A2, MH6 PMS
  • RH series
    • Types RH City, RH Plus, RH 1.15, RH 4, RH 4.5, RH 5, RH 5 LC, RH 5 PMS, RH 5.5, RH 6, RH 6.5, RH 6-22, RH 6 LC, RH 8, RH 8.5 , RH 9, RH 9.5, RH 9 LC, RH 12, RH 16, RH 20, RH 23, RH 23.5, RH 25, RH 25.5, RH 30, RH 30 E

TEREX (partly Volvo CE)


  • Compact crawler excavators series TC10 – TC125
  • Compact wheeled excavators series TW70 – TW110

VOLVO construction machinery

VOLVO excavator

  • Compact excavator
    • Types EC15D, EC18D, EC20D, EC25, EC27C, ECR28, EC35C, EC55C, ECR25D, ECR35D, ECR40D, ECR38, ECR48C, ECR50D, ECR58D, ECR88D, ECR88, ECR88 Plus, EW60E
  • Mobile bags
    • Types EW140C, EW140D, EW160C, EW160D, EW180C, EW210D, EW160E, EW180E, EWR150E, EW140D
  • Crawler excavator
    • Types EC140BLC, EC140CL, ECR145CL, EC160CL, EC160DL, EC210BLC, EC210CL, EC210CN, EC210CNL, EC220DL, EC240BLC, EC240BNLC, EC240CNL, EC240CNL, EC290BNLC, EC290CNL, EC300DL, EC300DNL, EC3 60CNL, EC380DNL, EC460CL, EC700 CL, EC140E, ECR145E, ECR235E, EC160E, EC180E, EC220E, EC250E, EC300E, EC380E, EC480E, EC750E

Excavators: Versatile construction machines for earthworks

Excavators are crucial construction machines that play a central role in almost every construction project. Their versatility extends from small to large construction projects, and different brands have their own unique strengths. These machines are known for their ability to perform precise earthworks, excavations and material handling.

Ahlmann excavators are characterized by their compact design and are particularly suitable for use in confined urban construction projects. Atlas GmbH relies on robust construction and advanced technology, while Bobcat excavators’ compactness and maneuverability make them ideal for small construction projects in tight spaces.

umbrella CNH , which Case and New Holland, the excavators offer high performance and modern technology. Case focuses on efficiency, while New Holland emphasizes innovative technologies and environmental friendliness. Doosan excavators are known for their power and efficiency, making them suitable for a wide range of construction projects.

Fermec excavators are characterized by stable performance and durability and are ideal for demanding construction tasks. The merger of Fiat and Hitachi results in high-quality Fiat-Hitachi excavators that are used in various construction projects worldwide. HYUNDAI excavators rely on modern design and advanced technology and are versatile in the construction industry.

JCB excavators are known for their innovative design and versatility, making them particularly suitable for agriculture, construction and industry. KOBELCO excavators rely on advanced technology for maximum efficiency and are therefore used in large construction projects worldwide.

KOMATSU excavators are world leaders in advanced technology, with a focus on innovation and sustainability in construction engineering. Liebherr excavators offer high performance and precision, making them ideal for demanding construction projects.

MECALAC excavators combine excavator and wheel loader functions, making them perfect for multifunctional requirements on the construction site. HBM Nobas excavators are characterized by their robust construction and are suitable for construction projects of all sizes. Historically significant and reliable, O&K excavators are still in use today in many construction projects worldwide.

TEREX excavators represent high-quality and reliable construction machinery and are used in various construction projects worldwide. VOLVO construction equipment excavators are market leaders in safety and environmental friendliness, with the brand emphasizing sustainability and safety in the construction industry.

Overall, this wide range of excavator brands illustrates the versatility and different focuses of manufacturers in terms of innovation, performance and application areas. Each brand has its own strengths and distinctive features to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry.

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