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Motor graders are powerful construction machines that are specifically designed for leveling and profiling road surfaces and construction sites. With their characteristic long knife or so-called grader blade on the front, motor graders allow precise adjustments to the terrain to achieve the desired slope angle or height.

The main tasks of a motor grader include smoothing gravel or dirt surfaces, profiling road surfaces and creating drainage channels. The adjustability of the grader blade allows motor graders to work on a wide variety of terrain while creating an even surface.


• Spare parts for motor graders

HBM Nobas

• Spare parts for motor graders

Orenstein & Koppel (O&K)

• Spare parts for motor graders


• Spare parts for motor graders

Motor Grader: Precise leveling for road construction and earthmoving

Modern motor graders are often equipped with advanced control systems, four-wheel drive and various attachments to meet the needs of road construction and earthmoving. Their versatility makes them essential tools on construction sites, especially when preparing road infrastructure and terrain for construction projects.

Komatsu motor graders are characterized by their advanced technology and high performance. With precise control systems, four-wheel drive and efficient grader blades, they provide excellent leveling performance on construction sites. Komatsu models are known for their reliability and adaptability.

HBM Nobas values ​​robustness and reliability. This manufacturer’s motor graders are characterized by their resistance to demanding conditions. They are particularly suitable for use in various types of terrain and offer solid performance in road profiling and leveling.

O&K motor graders stand for their user-friendliness and versatility. O&K models offer advanced features such as a comfortable operator’s cab and modern controls. They are designed to achieve efficient results in terrain adaptation and road construction work.

Terex motor graders are characterized by their solid construction and high performance. With a range of models supporting different grader blades and attachments, they offer flexibility on job sites. Terex models are designed to perform precise leveling and profiling.

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