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    • Zettelmeyer Wheel Dozer

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    Zettelmeyer construction machines: Robust performance for versatile applications

    Zettelmeyer, as a renowned manufacturer of construction machinery, has made a name for itself for robust and reliable machines. Zettelmeyer’s product range includes mobile excavators, wheel loaders and wheel dozers, which are characterized by their robust construction and high performance.

    Mobile excavator: Flexible mobility on the construction site

    Zettelmeyer’s mobile excavators offer a flexible solution for a wide range of construction site requirements. With their mobile design and powerful hydraulic systems, these excavators enable precise excavation work and material movement in a wide variety of terrain.

    Wheel loaders: Efficient loading and transporting materials

    Zettelmeyer wheel loaders are designed to load and transport materials efficiently. With their impressive load capacity and maneuverability, these machines are particularly well suited for use in quarries, warehouses and other environments where large quantities of materials need to be moved.

    Wheel dozer: Powerful earthworks and leveling

    Zettelmeyers wheel dozers offer powerful solutions for earthworks and leveling. With their stable chassis and powerful engines, these machines are ideal for moving earth and creating flat surfaces. The advanced control technology enables precise and efficient work.

    Thanks to decades of experience and continuous innovation, Zettelmeyer has established itself as a reliable partner on construction sites worldwide. Zettelmeyer’s wheeled excavators, wheel loaders and wheel dozers are the result of engineering skills and state-of-the-art technology tailored to the specific requirements of the construction industry.

    With a clear focus on performance and durability, Zettelmeyer’s construction machines help to implement construction projects efficiently and precisely. The brand remains a reliable choice for companies looking for robust machines for a wide range of construction applications.

    The company history of Zettelmeyer

    The company was founded in Konz near Trier on the Moselle in 1897. In the beginning, tractors were manufactured. At the beginning of the 1950s, steam-powered road rollers were manufactured. The production of the first high-loaders followed later. In 1968 Zettelmeyer produced the broadest range of skid steer loaders from a German manufacturer.

    In 1975 Zettelmeyer was sold to the IBH Group and at the same time the product range was significantly expanded. The ZL 1501, ZL 1701, ZL 1801 wheel loaders and the wheel dozers, which were sold in large numbers to Iraq and the Bundeswehr, were particularly successful.

    After the IBH Group filed for bankruptcy, the company’s owners changed frequently. The company most recently belonged to the W. Eder family, owners of the Eder Maschinenfabrik in Mainburg (Donau). This company mainly produced wheel excavators for the Caterpillar company with Caterpillar engines (see also Eder family takes over Atlas Gmbh, Ganderkesee).

    In 1990/1991 the VOLVO Group – VOLVO Baumaschinen – took over the former Zettelmeyer company. The Zettelmeyer wheel loaders will then be sold as VOLVO compact loaders. At times, mini excavators of the Pel Job brand (France) were also produced by Zettelmeyer-VOLVO. The French company Pel Job was taken over by VOLVO Construction Equipment at the same time as Zettelmeyer and integrated into the VOLVO Group.