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We supply spare parts worldwide for:

  • Cranes, Lifting and Drilling Equipment

    • Manitowoc Crawler Cranes
    • Grove Mobile Cranes
    • Krupp Cranes series GMT
    • Krupp Cranes series KMK
    • National Crane Boom Trucks
    • Potain Tower Cranes
    • Shuttlelift CarryDeck Cranes

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    Manitowoc: Innovation and performance in every category

    Manitowoc is a renowned name in the world of crane and lifting equipment and offers a wide range of outstanding machines for various applications. With an amazing heritage and a clear focus on innovation, Manitowoc has established itself as an industry leader known worldwide for quality, reliability and performance.

    Manitowoc crawler cranes: power and stability for demanding tasks

    Manitowoc crawler cranes are masterpieces of engineering. Developed for demanding construction projects, they offer outstanding load-bearing capacity and stability. Whether building high-rise buildings, bridges or other large-scale projects, Manitowoc crawler cranes impress with their power and precision.

    Grove mobile cranes: flexibility on wheels

    Grove mobile cranes combine mobility and performance. With innovative design and advanced technology, they enable efficient lifting and positioning of loads on a wide range of terrain. Grove mobile cranes are ideal for construction sites where mobility and flexibility are crucial.

    Krupp GMT cranes and Krupp KMK cranes: efficient lifting solutions for heavy loads

    Krupp’s GMT and KMK cranes, part of the Manitowoc family, offer efficient solutions for lifting heavy loads. These cranes are characterized by their versatility, performance and reliability. Whether on construction sites or in industrial applications – they master challenging lifting tasks with flying colors.

    National Crane truck mounted cranes: compact performance, maximum efficiency

    National Crane’s truck mounted cranes are compact and powerful lifting solutions for mobile applications. Their ability to deploy quickly makes them particularly well suited for use in urban environments where efficiency and flexibility are crucial.

    Potain tower cranes: height and precision for building construction projects

    Another Manitowoc flagship, Potain tower cranes represent height, precision and performance in building construction. These tower cranes are designed to lift heavy loads to great heights and help make the construction process more efficient and safer.

    Shuttlelift CarryDeck Cranes: Compact lifting solutions for confined spaces

    Shuttlelift’s CarryDeck cranes offer compact lifting solutions for applications in confined spaces. Their unique design and maneuverability make them particularly suitable for industrial and indoor applications where space is limited.

    At Manitowoc, quality, innovation and customer satisfaction are our focus. The wide range of crawler cranes and vehicle cranes through to tower cranes and truck mounted cranes underlines the versatility and performance of these first-class machines. Manitowoc remains a trusted partner for those looking for reliable, high-performance lifting solutions.

    Manitowoc company history

    Manitowoc Crane Group (Manitowoc, Grove, Krupp, National Crane, Potain, Shuttlelift)

    The foundation stone for today’s Manitowoc Group was laid as early as 1902. The company was founded by Charles West and Elias Gunnell in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA. The company’s headquarters are still located here today. Originally it was a manufacturer and at the same time a repair company for seagoing vessels.

    Over time, 3 different company divisions developed. There were the areas of cranes (Manitowoc Cranes), catering technology (Manitowoc Foodservice) and shipyard operations (Manitowoc Marine). Manitowoc Marine was sold to an Italian shipbuilder back in 2008. In 2016, Manitowoc Foodservice was also spun off and renamed.

    Manitowoc cranes have been manufactured since 1928. In 1978 the product range was expanded by taking over the National Crane brand. The tower crane manufacturer Potain was incorporated into the group in 2001. Just 1 year later, the mobile crane manufacturer Grove was taken over. Shuttle lift carry cranes have also been part of Manitowoc’s delivery program since 2004.

    The group now employs around 1,000 people who produce 2 cranes every day. One of the best-known models is the Grove GTK 1100, which is produced in Wilhelmshaven and was presented at BAUMA 2007. The delivery program also includes truck cranes (TMS series), rough terrain cranes (RT and GRT series) and industrial cranes (GCD and YB series).

    After the end of the Second World War, the Ardelt-Werke was the first to work in crane construction in Wilhelmshaven. The company then belonged to the Krupp Group ( Krupp Kranbau ) for decades. . Cranes from the GMT series (GMT 25, GMT 30, GMT 50, GMT 60, GMT 70, GMT 140, GMT 180, GMT 250, GMT 350, GMT 500) are particularly well known in specialist circles In 1995, the crane manufacturer Grove bought the factory. Since 2002, the factory in Wilhelmshaven has belonged to the Manitowoc Group from the USA, one of the world’s largest crane manufacturers. Wilhelmshaven specializes in the production of mobile cranes. These cranes can lift extremely heavy loads, such as in large construction projects, accident rescues or the construction of a wind turbine.