LIEBHERR Spare Parts

We supply spare parts worldwide for:

  • Earthmoving Machines / Construction Machinery

    • Excavators made by LIEBHERR
    • Loader made by LIEBHERR
    • Mining Trucks made by LIEBHERR
    • Bulldozer made by LIEBHERR
    • Pipe Layers made by LIEBHERR
  • Spare Parts for Cranes, Lifting-, Drilling- and Pilling Equipment

    • Truck-mounted Cranes made by LIEBHERR
    • Compact Cranes made by LIEBHERR
    • Crawler Cranes made by LIEBHERR
    • Deep Foundation Machines made by LIEBHERR
    • Fast Erecting Cranes made by LIEBHERR
    • Flat Top Cranes made by LIEBHERR
    • Top Slewing Cranes made by LIEBHERR
    •  Luffing Cranes made by LIEBHERR
    • Special Cranes made by LIEBHERR
    • Mobile Cranes made by LIEBHERR
  • Engines, Axles, Gears, Transmissions and Spare Parts for Road Trucks

    • Axial piston motors made by LIEBHERR
    • Axial piston pumps made by LIEBHERR
    • Valves made by LIEBHERR
  • Undercarriage, Buckets and Wear Material

    • Attachments for Wheeled Excavators made by LIEBHERR
    • Attachments for Crawler Excavators
    • made by LIEBHERR
    • Rippers
  • Concrete Mixing Equipment

    • Truck Mixer made by LIEBHERR
    • Conveyors made by LIEBHERR
    • Concrete Pumps made by LIEBHERR
    • Batching Plants made by LIEBHERR
    • Recycling Plants made by LIEBHERR
    • Mixer Systems made by LIEBHERR
    • Scraper Systems made by LIEBHERR
    • Measuring Technology made by LIEBHERR

Company history

The company Liebherr is a family concern with approximately 41.000 employees worldwide. Although since 1983 it is a public company in Switzerland, the main shareholders are all Liebherr family members.

Hans Liebherr took over the company from the parents in 1939. This company, from Kirchdorf an der Iller, developed the first mobile tower crane after the second world war.

Today Liebherr factories are world leader in many fields. They have a vast product range including mobile excavators, crawler excavators, articulated haulers, tower cranes, bulldozers, crawler lattice boom cranes and telescopic boom cranes (LTM, LT), they also supply truck cranes, mobile telescope cranes and maritime cranes. Additionally, they produce mining machinery (specialising in disposal). Furthermore, they produce white goods such as fridges etc. In neighbouring Schussenried concrete mixer pumps and complete concrete mixer systems are produced and successfully marketed.

In Lindenberg, Allgäu, and in Switzerland they have their Aerospace division, where they produce chassis for Airbus. Liebherr has factories, subsidiaries and branches in 150 countries. Their biggest manufacturing plants in Germany are in Ulm-Ehingen, Biberach, Kirchdorf, Bad Schussenried, Lindau und Rostock. Within Europe there are manufacturing plants near Colmar (France) – mini excavators, Liebherr in Telfs (Austria) – is responsible for the development and manufacture of hydrostatically driven crawler tractors and loaders, pipe layers, and telescopic handlers and in Nenzing (Austria) –  ship cranes, mobile harbour cranes, and cranes for offshore platforms as well as duty-cycle crawler cranes, special deep foundation machines, and crawler cranes are produced.

There has always been a good cooperation with Bell (articulated haulers) and BAUER Spezialtiefbau, Schrobenhausen (specialist foundation engineering). These companies have their own sales channels.

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