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    IME GmbH supplies Liebherr spare parts worldwide

    IME GmbH is proud to offer spare parts for Liebherr’s high-quality machines, even worldwide. As a provider of spare parts and services, we have specialized in the needs of construction companies and industrial customers who use Liebherr machines in their projects.

    Our company has an extensive delivery program of various spare parts for Liebherr construction machines and mobile and crawler cranes, among others. From engines and hydraulic components to wear parts and electronic products, we offer a wide range of high-quality spare parts to meet the demanding requirements of Liebherr machines.

    Thanks to our international presence, we can supply spare parts worldwide. Our efficient logistics network ensures fast and reliable delivery, no matter where your jobsite or project is located. We understand the importance of minimal downtime and strive to provide our customers with the spare parts they need quickly.

    The machines from Liebherr

    Liebherr, renowned worldwide for its machinery, stands for quality, reliability and performance. With an impressive history in the fields of construction machinery and mobile and crawler cranes, among others, Liebherr is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

    Liebherr’s wide range of products in the field of construction machinery includes a variety of machines that are suitable for diverse applications. Whether it is the construction of high-rise buildings, roads, tunnels or bridges, Liebherr has the right machine for every task. From excavators and wheel loaders to bulldozers, concrete batching plants and tower cranes, Liebherr covers all the major sectors of the construction industry.

    What sets Liebherr’s construction machines apart is their outstanding quality and innovative functionalities. They are designed to withstand the rigors of construction sites and ensure maximum performance with minimum downtime. The machines are equipped with powerful engines, robust components and state-of-the-art technology to ensure efficient and precise operation.

    Liebherr is also a pioneer in mobile and crawler cranes. These cranes are used in a wide variety of lifting applications, whether for assembling components in the construction industry or for lifting heavy loads in heavy-duty logistics. Liebherr mobile and crawler cranes are characterized by their high load capacity, flexibility and precise control.

    The compact design and easy transportability make Liebherr mobile cranes extremely versatile. They can be quickly erected on site and made ready for use, which saves time and costs. In contrast, crawler cranes are known for their impressive load capacity and excellent off-road capabilities. They effortlessly handle heavy loads on challenging terrain, offering maximum flexibility for demanding lifting projects.

    Liebherr invests in the development of innovative technologies to maximize efficiency and safety. Many models are equipped with automated features that simplify operation and increase precision. Through the use of telematics systems, important machine data is also collected and used to optimize operations.

    Overall, Liebherr machines enjoy an outstanding reputation. They are known worldwide for their quality, performance and reliability and are used by construction companies and industrial customers all over the world. Through many years of experience and a continuous commitment to innovation, Liebherr sets standards in the industry and remains a trusted partner for construction projects that require the highest precision and performance.

    Our team consists of experienced experts who have in-depth knowledge of Liebherr machines and their spare parts. We offer not only high quality products, but also professional advice. Our staff is available to help you select the right spare parts and to provide support in case of questions or problems.

    IME GmbH strives to build a long-term partnership with our customers. We place great emphasis on excellent customer service and strive to not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our spare parts meet the highest quality standards and help extend the life of your Liebherr machines and ensure their optimal performance.

    IME GmbH is your reliable partner for spare parts. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our range of products and our worldwide supply of spare parts. We look forward to assisting you with your spare parts requirements and providing you with first-class service.

    Liebherr company history

    Liebherr is a family-run company with approximately 41,000 employees worldwide.

    Liebherr AG has been in existence in Switzerland since 1983, with the main shareholders being exclusively family members.

    The Liebherr company, which was taken over by the son Hans from his parents in Kirchdorf an der Iller in 1938, developed the first mobile tower crane after World War 2.

    Today’s Liebherr-Werke is the world market leader in many areas. The product range extends from mobile excavators, crawler excavators, dump trucks, tower cranes, bulldozers, crawler cranes with lattice booms and telescopic booms (LTM, LT) to truck-mounted cranes, mobile telescopic cranes and maritime harbor cranes. Mining machines (machines for mining – overburden) are also produced. In addition, there are household appliances such as refrigerators, etc. In the neighboring town of Schussenried, concrete mixer pumps and also complete concrete mixing plants are built and successfully marketed.

    The Liebherr Aerospace division is located in Lindenberg in the Allgäu region and also in Switzerland. Among other things, landing gear systems for the Airbus company are manufactured there.

    Liebherr has factories, branches or dependencies in around 150 countries. In Germany, the largest production sites are in Ulm-Ehingen, Biberach, Kirchdorf, Bad Schussenried, Lindau and Rostock. Across Europe, there are production sites near Colmar (France) – mining excavators, Liebherr in Telfs (Austria) – hydrostatically driven dozers and loaders, pipelayers and telescopic handlers – and Nenzing (Austria) – ship, mobile harbor and drilling rig cranes, as well as hydraulic rope excavators, special civil engineering machines and crawler cranes.

    LIEBHERR Spare Parts

    We supply LIEBHERR spare parts worldwide for: