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    IME Your Partner for Liebherr Wheel Loader Spare Parts

    IME GmbH is your reliable partner for Liebherr wheel loader spare parts. With our wide range of options, knowledgeable team, and top-notch customer support, we strive to meet your needs and provide assistance in optimizing your Liebherr construction vehicles. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and services.

    Our dedicated team of experts is available worldwide to assist customers in identifying the appropriate spare parts for their Liebherr wheel loaders. We guide you with our expertise and advice to ensure you receive the right components for your specific requirements.

    Furthermore, we place great emphasis on efficient and reliable shipping services. Through our partnerships with logistics providers, we can swiftly and securely transport spare parts to every corner of the world, ensuring your construction vehicles are operational again as soon as possible.

    Liebherr Wheel Loaders

    Liebherr wheel loaders are globally recognized for their exceptional quality, reliability, and performance. The Liebherr company boasts a long tradition in manufacturing construction vehicles and has been a leading player in this field for decades.

    Liebherr wheel loaders are characterized by their robust construction and high efficiency. They are available in various sizes and model variants to cater to a wide range of construction projects. Whether it’s road construction, material extraction, or agricultural use, Liebherr wheel loaders always provide an optimal solution.

    Liebherr’s wheel loaders are equipped with powerful drivetrains and state-of-the-art technology. They offer precise control options and a variety of functions that allow operators maximum control and efficiency. Additionally, the vehicles are ergonomically designed to ensure the comfort and safety of the operators.

    Another significant advantage of Liebherr wheel loaders is their high ease of maintenance. The vehicles’ design allows for easy maintenance and repair work, resulting in minimal downtime and enhanced overall performance.

    Compact Stereo
    L 504 Compact L 507 Stereo
    L 506 Compact L 509 Stereo
    L 508 Compact L 514 Stereo
    L 518 Stereo
    L-Series XPower
    L 526 L 550 XPower
    L 538 L 556 XPower
    L 5389 Speeder L 566 XPower
    L 546 L 576 XPower
    L 580 XPower
    L 586 XPower