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    HBM Nobas: Quality and performance in motor graders and excavators

    HBM Nobas has established itself as a renowned manufacturer in the construction machinery industry, and the company’s product range includes high quality motor graders and excavators. These machines are known for their robustness, precision and innovative technology that meets the needs of demanding construction projects.

    HBM Nobas motor grader: precise leveling for optimal road construction work

    HBM Nobas motor graders are designed for precise leveling and profile adjustment on construction sites, especially in road construction. With advanced control systems, they enable precise design of road surfaces that meet the highest standards. HBM Nobas motor graders are characterized by their versatility and high performance, making them essential tools for construction professionals who strive for maximum efficiency.

    Excavators from HBM Nobas: Powerful and reliable for a wide range of applications

    HBM Nobas excavators represent a wide range of machines designed for various applications. These excavators are characterized by their robustness and their ability to face the most diverse challenges on construction sites. Whether for excavation work, foundation work or other heavy tasks – HBM Nobas excavators stand for power and reliability.

    HBM Nobas attaches great importance to quality and innovation. The company’s construction machines are manufactured taking into account the most modern technologies and strict quality standards. Continuous development and adaptation to the needs of the construction industry make HBM Nobas machines reliable partners for construction companies worldwide.

    The advanced features, robust construction and high performance of HBM Nobas motor graders and excavators make them a preferred choice for construction projects of all sizes. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, HBM Nobas remains a trusted brand in the construction equipment industry.

    The company history of HBM Nobas

    The companies HBM from Halle/Saale (Hallesche Baumaschinen) and NOBAS from Nordhausen merged to form HBM NOBAS and were sold to GP Günter Papenburg AG in 1993. From 1994 they operated as HBM-NOBAS GmbH. They have been independent again since 2016 and operate as GP Papenburg Maschinenbau GmbH.

    The well-known graders are sold worldwide as HBM-NOBAS BG….

    The types are called:

    • With all-wheel drive (4×4): BG 70 A-4, BG 110-M
    • With all-wheel drive (6×6): BG 110 TA-4, BG 130 TA-4, BG 160 TA-4, BG 190 TA-4, BG 240 TA-4
    • With tandem drive (6×4): BG 110 T-4, BG 130 T-4, BG 160 T-4, BG 190 T-4, BG 240 T-4, BG 160 TA-4

    The same machines are also offered by Terex as Terex Graders.

    At the beginning of the 90s, the NOBAS graders were successfully sold by BOMAG GmbH in Boppart to round off their road roller program. The type designations were also BG… with the addition BOMAG.