Demag Construction Machinery Spare Parts

We supply spare parts worldwide for:

  • Road Building Machines

    • Demag Rollers – now see Atlas Copco – DYNAPAC
    • Demag Asphalt Pavers – now see Atlas Copco – DYNAPAC

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    Demag construction machinery: Quality and efficiency in excavators, rollers and asphalt pavers

    Demag, as a renowned company in the construction machinery industry, has made a name for itself for high-quality and powerful machines. Even though the excavators now belong to KOMATSU and the rollers and asphalt pavers to Dynapac, Demag remains a synonym for innovation and reliability.

    Excavators (now part of KOMATSU): precision in excavation

    The former Demag excavators, which now belong to KOMATSU, continue to stand for precision in excavation. These excavators are designed to meet the needs of demanding construction projects. With powerful engines and advanced control systems, they provide efficiency and accuracy on job sites of all sizes.

    Rollers (now part of Dynapac): Compaction with expertise

    The former Demag rollers, which are now part of Dynapac, set standards in compaction technology. These rollers are designed to ensure efficient and reliable compaction of soil and asphalt. With different roller types and advanced features, they offer solutions for road construction, civil engineering and many other applications.

    Asphalt pavers (now part of Dynapac): Precise road construction work

    The former Demag asphalt pavers, which now belong to Dynapac, stand for precise road construction work. These pavers enable the precise placement of asphalt on roads and paths. With advanced leveling systems and powerful engines, they help create high quality roadways.

    Demag has proven over the years that commitment to innovation and quality plays a key role in the construction machinery industry. Even though the excavators belong to KOMATSU and the rollers and asphalt pavers belong to Dynapac, the Demag legacy remains in these machines.

    KOMATSU’s former Demag excavators, Dynapac rollers and asphalt pavers continue to represent the pursuit of excellence and efficiency. These machines offer users the peace of mind that they are relying on reliable, state-of-the-art equipment to successfully complete even the most demanding construction projects.

    The company history of Demag

    After Mannesmann dissolved the Demag Group and the group’s industrial divisions were sold as part of the takeover of Mannesmann by Vodafone, the Sachs division (formerly Fichtel & Sachs) went to ZF Friedrichshafen.

    The Demag construction machinery division was broken up.

    • The Demag road construction machinery division (rollers and asphalt pavers) became the property of Svedala. Svedala was then integrated into the Atlas Copco Group under the Dynapac brand.
    • The large excavator division was sold to Komatsu Japan Ltd. sold.
    • The Demag cranes and hoists division was sold to Terex Krane Zweibrücken as Demag Zweibrücken.