Casagrande Spare Parts

We supply Casagrande spare parts worldwide for:

  • Cranes, Lifting-, Drilling and Piling Equipment

    • Piling Rigs
    • Diaphragm Walls
    • Hydromills
    • Crawler Drills
    • Tunneling
    • Crawler Cranes
    • Multifunction Rigs
    • Stone Columns Ground Improvement System
    • Drilling Rigs for Universal Applications, Vertical Applications and for Geothermal Applications
    • Equipment for Soil Investigation
    • Drilling Accessories
    • Rotary Heads and Hydraulic Drifters
    • Special Drill Rigs and Drilling Units
    • Hydraulic Manipulator for Rods and Casings

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    Casagrande: Innovation and precision in the world of construction machinery

    Casagrande has established itself as a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art construction machinery worldwide. The company’s broad product range includes a variety of specialist machines designed for demanding construction and drilling applications. Here are some of Casagrande’s outstanding machine types:

    Piling equipment: Efficient and precise compaction technology

    Casagrande pile drivers offer an efficient solution for various compaction tasks on construction sites. Using state-of-the-art technology and precise controls, these machines help achieve optimal soil compaction, which is particularly important when preparing building foundations.

    Hydromills: Powerful diaphragm wall milling machines

    Casagrande’s Hydromills are powerful machines for milling diaphragm walls. With their robust construction and advanced control technology, they enable precise and efficient diaphragm wall work, which is crucial for the construction of excavations and foundations.

    Drilling tracks: Versatile drilling solutions for different ground conditions

    Casagrande drilling tracks are specifically designed for demanding drilling applications. These machines offer versatility in ground conditions and enable precise drilling for a wide range of construction projects, whether for piles, foundations or other geotechnical requirements.

    Tunnel boring equipment: Technologically advanced solutions for tunnel construction

    Casagrande offers state-of-the-art tunnel boring equipment specifically designed for tunnel construction. These machines are characterized by their performance and precision and enable the efficient construction of tunnels for traffic routes, water pipes and other infrastructure projects.

    Crawler cranes: lifting and moving heavy loads

    Casagrande crawler cranes are designed for lifting and moving heavy loads. With their sturdy construction and advanced crane control technology, these cranes offer a reliable solution for construction projects where heavy loads must be placed precisely.

    Multifunctional drilling rigs: Flexible drilling solutions for various applications

    Casagrande multi-function drill rigs are versatile machines that can handle various drilling applications. From pile drilling to diaphragm wall drilling to soil testing, these devices offer flexible solutions to demanding construction challenges.

    Stone soil improvement systems: optimization of soil properties

    Casagrande stone floor improvement systems help optimize soil properties. The targeted placement of stone mixtures in the ground can improve load-bearing capacity and stability, which is crucial for construction projects on soft or difficult soils.

    Universal Drilling, Vertical Drilling and Geothermal Drilling Rigs: Customizable Drilling Solutions

    Casagrande offers drilling rigs for a variety of applications, from general purpose drilling to vertical drilling to geothermal energy. These drilling rigs are adaptable and enable a wide variety of drilling operations to be carried out with high precision.

    Soil testing equipment: detecting and analyzing soil properties

    Casagrande offers specialized soil testing equipment that enables precise analysis of soil properties. This is crucial for making informed decisions on construction projects and contributes to the safety and efficiency of construction work.

    Drilling accessories: High-quality accessories for precise drilling work

    Casagrande drilling accessories are designed to maximize drilling rig performance. From drill heads to drill pipes and other accessories, Casagrande offers high-quality solutions for precise drilling work.

    Power turrets and hydraulic hammers: Efficient execution of drilling work

    Casagrande power turrets and hydraulic hammers enable drilling work to be carried out efficiently, whether for pile foundations or other geotechnical applications. These equipments offer maximum performance and precision.

    Special drilling rigs and water hammers: Customizable solutions for specific applications

    Casagrande specialty drill rigs and water hammers offer customizable solutions for specific drilling applications. These machines make it possible to drill precisely and efficiently even in demanding environments.

    Hydraulic manipulators for internal and external rods: precise control of drilling rigs

    Casagrande hydraulic manipulators provide precise control for drill rigs, both internal and external drilling. These manipulators allow drilling equipment to be positioned flexibly and ensure maximum efficiency in drilling operations.

    Casagrande remains a pioneer in the construction equipment industry by providing innovative and high-performance solutions for a wide range of construction projects. The state-of-the-art piling rigs, hydromills, drilling crawlers, tunnel boring equipment, crawler cranes, multi-function drilling rigs, stone soil improvement systems and other types of machines underline Casagrande’s commitment to quality and precision.

    The company history of Casagrande

    Casagrande is an Italian manufacturer of earth drilling equipment and construction machinery for specialist civil engineering. The company was founded in 1963. Today the Casagrande Group includes the companies Hütte Bohrtechnik (Germany), HD Engineering (Hong Kong) and BFS (Germany).

    Casagrande itself is a manufacturer of large and small earth drilling systems. The scope of delivery also includes equipment for diaphragm walls, machines for tunnel construction and hydraulic crawler cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 40 tons.

    The Hütte Bohrtechnik company specializes in the construction of drilling rigs up to 30 tons. It also produces accessories for civil engineering, geothermal applications and devices for tracked vehicles. Small drilling rigs on mounts are also successfully marketed. The distribution in Germany for all Casagrande products is also handled by Hütte.

    HD Engineering specializes in the manufacture of civil engineering equipment such as crawler drills, shaft drilling rigs, horizontal drilling rigs, portable drilling rigs, truck-mounted drilling rigs, augers and downhole micro drilling rigs. The delivery program also includes drilling equipment accessories such as drill rods, hammer drills, down-the-hole hammers, hydraulic quick-clamping systems, reverse circulation drilling tools, etc.

    BFS GmbH (Concrete Prefabricated Parts Systems) supplies and installs machines for the production of large precast concrete parts for sewerage and sewage systems, electricity pylons and railway sleepers.

    In the 1990s, BAUER entered into a close collaboration with Liebherr. Orenstein & Koppel (O&K) had previously failed to supply the carrier vehicles. The carrier vehicles from Liebherr, which are similar to the basic excavator chassis with superstructure, were completed at BAUER in Schrobenhausen. They were provided with the appropriate drilling tools. After Liebherr brought its own ground drilling and diaphragm wall machine onto the market, the cooperation with BAUER was ended. Today BAUER mainly uses Sennebogen superstructure from ongoing Sennebogen crane production. However, the undercarriage is a BAUER product.