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Hydraulic Drill Rig
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We supply spare parts worldwide for:

  • Cranes, Lifting-, Drilling and Piling Equipment

    • Piling Rigs made by Casagrande
    • Diaphragm Walls made by Casagrande
    • Hydromills made by Casagrande
    • Crawler Drills made by Casagrande
    • Tunneling made by Casagrande
    • Crawler Cranes made by Casagrande
    • Multifunction Rigs made by Casagrande
    • Stone Columns Ground Improvement System made by Casagrande
    • Drilling Rigs for Universal Applications made by Hütte
    • Drilling Rigs for Vertical Applications made by Hütte
    • Drilling Rigs for Geothermal Applications made by Hütte
    • Equipment for Soil Investigation made by Hütte
    • Drilling Accessories made by Hütte
    • Rotary Heads and Hydraulic Drifters made by Hütte
    • Special Drill Rigs and Drilling Units made by Hütte
    • Hydraulic Manipulator for Rods and Casings made by Hütte

Company history

Casagrande, an Italian manufacturer of earth drilling equipment and construction machinery for special civil engineering, was founded in 1963. Today, the Casagrande Group includes the companies Hütte Bohrtechnik (Germany), HD Engineering (Hong Kong) and BFS (Germany).

Casagrande itself is a manufacturer of large and small earth drilling rigs, diaphragm wall equipment, tunneling machinery and hydraulic crawler cranes up to 40 tonnes lifting capacity.

The company Hütte Bohrtechnik specializes in the construction of drilling rigs up to 30 tonnes. In addition, they produce accessories for civil engineering, geothermal applications as well as devices for tracked vehicles. Even small drilling rigs on carriages are successfully marketed. The distribution in Germany for all Casagrande products is also carried out by Hütte.

HD Engineering specializes in the production of civil engineering equipment, such as Caterpillars, jig boring machines, horizontal drills, portable drills, truck mounted drills, augers and micro drills for lathing. In addition, drill accessories such as drill rods, hammer drills, down hole hammer, hydraulic quick release systems, reverse circulation drilling tools, etc. are included in the product range.

BFS GmbH (precast concrete systems) supplies and installs machines for the production of large precast concrete elements for sewerage and wastewater systems, power lines and railway sleepers.


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