Combine harvester

Spare parts for combine harvesters

Combine harvesters are powerful agricultural machines designed specifically for harvesting grains, oilseeds and other crops. These versatile machines combine multiple operations, including mowing, threshing, separating and cleaning, to make the entire harvesting process efficient.

The combine harvester usually consists of a cutting unit, a threshing system and a separation system. The cutting system cuts the plants, the threshing system separates the grains from the ears or pods, and the separation system separates the grains from the straw. Modern combine harvesters are often equipped with advanced technologies, such as automated controls and GPS-controlled systems for precise work.


  • Spare parts for combine harvesters


  • Spare parts for combine harvesters

New Holland

  • Spare parts for combine harvesters

Combine harvester: High-yield harvest with the right machines

The advantages of combine harvesters lie in their ability to speed up the harvesting process and reduce labor in the field. The machines enable quick and efficient harvesting of large areas, allowing farmers to increase their yields. Combine harvesters are therefore essential tools in modern agriculture, helping to maximize crop efficiency and productivity.

Case combine harvesters are characterized by their innovative technology and versatility. With the AFX threshing system and the axial flow rotor, they offer efficient separation and cleaning of the grains. Automation technology enables precise settings and maximizes performance in different harvest conditions.

Claas combine harvesters stand for advanced harvesting technology and performance. With the APS threshing system and the rotor with radial stalk guidance, they offer precise threshing and separation performance. The LEXION series from Claas is known for its capacity and adaptability to different crop types and conditions.

New Holland combine harvesters are characterized by their ease of use and advanced technology. With the Twin Rotor threshing system and the Dynamic Feed Roll, they ensure efficient separation and cleaning. New Holland’s CR Revelation Series offers advanced features such as IntelliSense™ automatic mode for optimized yields and minimized grain loss.

Overall, these differences illustrate that the choice of a combine harvester depends on various factors, including the specific needs of the farmer, crop conditions and desired technologies. Each brand strives to offer innovative solutions and give farmers tools to optimize their crop yields.

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