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Airport buses are specially designed vehicles used at airports to transport passengers between the terminal building and aircraft. These buses play a crucial role in ground handling and ensure a smooth process for passengers who need to be transported either from the arrival hall to the aircraft or from the aircraft to the terminal.

The design of airport buses is designed to provide high passenger capacity while meeting the needs of airport operations. They often have raised entrances to ensure barrier-free access to the aircraft doors. Some models are also equipped with overhead compartments to transport passengers’ luggage.


Airport buses (COBUS)

  • COBUS 3000
  • COBUS 2700
  • COBUS 2700S
  • COBUS 2500

Airport buses: efficient passenger transport on the tarmac

Airport buses are an essential part of airport operations and help improve the efficiency of passenger processing. Their versatility allows them to be used at various airports worldwide and they provide an important connection between ground staff, aircraft and passengers.

COBUS, as a renowned manufacturer of airport buses, offers first-class solutions for efficient passenger transport at airports worldwide. COBUS airport buses are characterized by a variety of advantages that meet the requirements of the aviation industry.

Large passenger capacity: COBUS airport buses are designed to transport a large number of passengers comfortably and safely. With generously designed interiors and efficient seating arrangements, they enable smooth passenger processing, especially for large aircraft types.

Barrier-free access: COBUS attaches great importance to barrier-free mobility. The airport buses are designed with low entrances and spacious interior areas to ensure easy and accessible entry and exit for all passengers, including those with reduced mobility.

Efficient aircraft connection: COBUS airport buses are designed to be efficiently connected to aircraft. Their flexibility allows them to dock with different types of aircraft and ensures the rapid movement of passengers between the terminal and the aircraft.

Comfort and safety: The COBUS airport buses offer not only a comfortable but also a safe travel experience. Modern safety features and technologies ensure the protection of passengers during transport on the tarmac.

Overall, COBUS airport buses represent a synthesis of innovation, reliability and customer satisfaction. Their use helps make airport ground services more efficient and provides passengers with a pleasant travel experience.

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