Aircraft tugs

Spare parts for aircraft tugs

Aircraft tugs are specially designed vehicles used at airports to pull or push aircraft on the tarmac. These powerful tugs play a critical role in ground handling, ensuring aircraft are moved safely and efficiently to their takeoff or parking positions.

With their impressive pulling power and maneuverability, aircraft tugs enable precise positioning of aircraft before takeoff or after landing. They are capable of towing aircraft of various sizes and types, from small regional aircraft to large long-haul aircraft.


  • Cargo and baggage tugs
    • »SHERPA« D, »SHERPA« E
  • Conventional tugs
    • F59, »BISON« D 370, »BISON« E 370, »BISON« D 620, »BISON« D 1000, F 396
  • Rodless tugs
    • AST-2P/X »PHOENIX«, AST-1X
  • Aircraft recovery systems ARTS (Aircraft Recovery Transport System)


  • Aircraft tug (COMET) spare parts


  • Aircraft tug (CHALLENGER, TAE 20 electro) spare parts

Aircraft tug: Efficient movement on the tarmac

Aircraft tugs are often equipped with advanced technology that ensures precise control and safe movements. You work in close cooperation with the ground staff and are an essential part of the smooth operations at an airport.

Overall, aircraft tugs help make airport ground services efficient and play a crucial role in ensuring safe and timely flight operations.

Goldhofer’s aircraft tugs are known for their innovative technology and versatility. With a wide range of models, they offer solutions for a wide variety of aircraft types and weight classes. The pulling power and maneuverability are impressive, and modern control systems enable precise movements on the tarmac.

MULAG values ​​high performance and user-friendliness. MULAG’s aircraft tugs are characterized by their robustness and easy operation. They are particularly suitable for use in small to medium-sized airports and offer reliable pulling power in various weather conditions.

Trepel aircraft tugs are known for their reliability and adaptability. Trepel’s models offer advanced technologies, including electro-hydraulic systems, to optimize energy consumption. The different models are designed to move a wide range of aircraft, from regional aircraft to widebody aircraft.

Overall, these differences make it clear that the choice of a Goldhofer, MULAG or Trepel aircraft tug depends on various factors, including the specific requirements of the airport, the aircraft types and the desired technological features. Each brand strives to offer innovative solutions and provide airports with tools to make their ground handling efficient.

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