In order to be able to continue to offer the best service in the future and to meet the growing demands, IME GmbH is moving into new premises in Gailhof, near Hanover. The new headquarters  will offer space for more employees, additionally have its own logistics hall and will be future-oriented.

On this page we would like to give you an overview of the new premises. We will update this page regularly by adding  the milestones in the timeline so that you can accompany the construction progress together with us. From planning to completion, we will keep you informed.



Das neue Verwaltungsgebäude der IME

Planned completion

The move into the new headquarters is scheduled to take place in November 2023. In addition to the office building, in which the sales department will be located, there will be also a large hall for the logistics department. This will improve work efficiency and flexibility. The direct connection to the A7 motorway will also guarantee a smooth delivery traffic. In addition, IME takes its ecological goals very seriously and makes its contribution to environmentally friendly measures. In addition to solar panels that provide the necessary electricity, charging stations for electric cars are being installed on the premises.



A look inside

The hall and the office building are there, but what does it look like inside? – There is still a lot to do there, of course. But we have already been able to catch a few glimpses of our new headquarters and, accordingly, our new offices. Of course, we want to continue to take you along with us. So follow the construction of our new headquarters in Gailhof.



Step by step to completion

Weather-wise, the last few weeks have shown a different side, but this should not stand in the way of the planned completion of the new IME headquarters. The work continues. The hall is largely finished and the office building is also in place. We continue to look forward to the further work and will publish new status reports. So be there and join us as we complete the new IME headquarters.



The second floor is built

Having already taken a closer look at the hall, we turn our attention back to the office building. Here, there is space for the management, sales, accounting and the web department. But it doesn’t stop at just one floor. This is already standing and the various rooms can already be entered. There will be a second floor that will provide space. This is now also in the construction phase.



The hall has got a roof

The hall has finally got a roof, and we were able to celebrate the topping-out ceremony. Numerous partners of IME came by to celebrate this significant day with us. But the office building is also taking shape. The individual offices are already accessible. Currently, we are on schedule and looking forward to the further progress.



The walls were built up

After the foundation was laid in March and the outlines of the building were visible, the first walls of the office and the adjacent hall are now already in place. Step by step, the new headquarters is taking shape. Stay up to date with our timeline, which we update monthly.



The foundation is laid

Now, not only are the outlines of the new company headquarters visible, but the foundation has been poured. So construction continues and is gradually taking shape. We have of course accompanied this again with the drone. So feel free to take a look at the video and be right there at the birth of the new building.



The construction continues to take shape

In the meantime, the construction continues to take shape. The new hall and the adjacent office building are already clearly visible. In a few months, the walls will also be in place, so that nothing will stand in the way of moving in at the end of the year.



Overview of the plot

Construction work on the new IME headquarters will continue directly in January 2023. We give you a further overview and show you the industrial area Gailhof, where IME GmbH will move into the new building at the end of the year.



Drone flight over the new construction site

Fly with us over the new construction site and get a first impression of the space of our future new premises. We will keep you informed on the development of the construction so that you can follow the progress live!



Beginn des Baus

Start of construction

On the 5 December 2022, the construction of the new building in Gailhof,in Wedemark,  has finally started. For this project, IME GmbH relies on a regional construction company. It will take approximately one year to complete the building and then nothing stands in the way of moving to the industrial estate in Gailhof.



Spatenstich auf dem neuen Gelände der IME

Groundbreaking ceremony in Gailhof

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new premises was held in October 2022. In addition to the shareholders, the mayor of the municipality of Wedemark also took part. In the presence of IME GmbH employees and representatives of the press, the foundation stone for the future of the company was laid.



Das neue Grundstück der IME GmbH

Land purchase

In order to be able to create a building of this size, a suitable location must of course be found. It was important to the partners that they could continue to realise their own visions in the region. So, the choice ultimately fell on the industrial estate in Gailhof, which is also in Wedemark and perfectly connected to the A7 motorway. The purchase deal was finally carried out in May 2022.



Der erste Entwurf

Start of the planning

The planning of the new IME GmbH building has therefore started as early as October 2021. The goal is to create a place for the next generation where employees can work in a future-oriented manner and which will further improve the company’s logistics. Therefore, in addition to an office building, a large hall was also planned to optimise the work processes. This was realised together with the architect´s office, dhp-Architekten from Lindwedel.

The site plan of the new IME building

Der finale Bauplan

Together with dhp-ARCHITEKTEN from Lindwedel, the visions of the shareholders were realised

Südansicht des neuen Verwaltungsgebäudes

The new building from the south view

Das neue IME Gebäude von der Ostansicht

The view from the east