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    Kobelco Excavators: Precise performance in various applications

    Kobelco, as a renowned manufacturer of construction machinery, has made a name for itself for innovative and powerful excavator solutions. The wide range of Kobelco excavators includes bucket excavators, demolition excavators, recycling excavators, mini crawler excavators and crawler excavators, which are used in various construction projects worldwide. Here are some highlights about the different types:

    Shovel Excavator: Efficient Earth Moving Instrument

    Kobelco’s bucket excavators are versatile machines that are ideal for use in earthmoving projects. With different sizes and configurations, they enable efficient handling of materials such as soil, gravel and rubble. Kobelco bucket excavators are designed to perform precise and powerful excavations, providing a reliable solution for a wide range of construction needs.

    Demolition excavator: precise and safe dismantling

    Kobelco demolition excavators are characterized by their robustness and precision. With special attachments and advanced technologies, they are ideal for the controlled dismantling of buildings and structures. Kobelco demolition excavators offer precise control and high stability to ensure demolition work can be carried out safely and efficiently.

    Recycling excavator: Environmentally friendly material processing

    Kobelco recycling excavators specialize in processing waste and recycling materials. With special attachments, they enable the efficient sorting and processing of recycling materials. Kobelco recycling excavators help to conserve resources and reuse waste products in an environmentally friendly way.

    Mini crawler excavators: compact performance, great versatility

    Kobelco mini crawler excavators are compact machines that deliver impressive performance despite their size. Ideal for working in confined construction sites, they offer high maneuverability and precision. Kobelco mini crawler excavators are versatile tools that are particularly suitable for landscaping, civil engineering and other smaller projects.

    Crawler excavators: powerful machines for demanding projects

    Kobelco crawler excavators represent powerful machines designed for demanding construction projects. With a combination of power and precision, they enable the efficient movement of large quantities of material across a wide variety of terrain. Kobelco crawler excavators are designed for maximum performance and reliability.

    Company information

    Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe BV, based in Almere in the Netherlands, is a subsidiary of Kobelco Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. Japan. This company, in turn, belongs to the Japanese group Kobe Steel Ltd. There are subsidiaries and production facilities for Kobelco excavators and Kobelco cranes worldwide.

    Kobe Steel produced the first construction machine for the Japanese market as early as 1930. It was the 50K electric shovel excavator.

    Today, Kobelco Construction Machinery’s product range includes conventional crawler excavators, demolition excavators, recycling excavators, mini crawler excavators and SR series excavators. But Kobelco also produces and markets different types of cranes from the CKE-G, CKS, SL S and BMS series.

    In 2005, a joint venture was entered into with today’s CNH Industrial group to produce construction machinery for sale in Europe and North America. The company specializes in the production of crawler excavators (1 to 50 tons).

    The first Kobelco mini excavator SK 55 SRX with iNDr technology came onto the market in Europe in mid-2014. It is a mini excavator with integrated dust filtering and a unique engine cooling system. This combination leads to an enormous reduction in dust and noise. These advantages make the SK 55 SRX particularly attractive for use in cities.

    You can get Kobelco spare parts for excavators reliably from IME-GmbH from Wedemark near Hanover. With a direct line to the spare parts center in Almere, our employees can process your questions and requests regarding spare parts at short notice. Call us or send us an email. ime@ime-gmbh.com .

    IME supplies Kobelco spare parts for all models such as:

    Mini excavators (1 – 6 tons)

    SK 08, SK 10 SR-2, SK 17 SR-3, SK 27 SR-5, SK 35 SR-6, SK 45 SRX-6, SK55 SRX-6

    Short tail crawler excavator series SR

    SK 85 MSR-3

    Short-tail tracked excavator series ED

    ED160-5 Blade Runner

    Crawler excavators (18 – 50 tons)

    SK 850 LC

    Demolition and recycling excavators

    SK 210 D-10, SK 210 D-9