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IME supplies spare parts worldwide for Epiroc (formerly Atlas Copco)

Cranes, Lifting-, Drilling- and Piling Equipment

  • Drilling
  • Equipment for raiseboring
  • Rock drilling tools

Demolition machines and tools

  • Machines for mechanical rock eruption
  • Excavator attachments
  • Loaders and trucks


Epiroc is a very young company. In early 2018 it emerged  from the construction and mining technology division as well as demolition and recycling of the Atlas Copco Group.

Facts and figures

This company, which has been listed on the stock exchange since mid-2018, employs 13,000 people worldwide and has annual sales of approx. 3 billion euros worldwide.

Epiroc Deutschland GmbH is headquartered in Essen.

The name Epiroc is composed of the Greek prefix ‘epi’ and the abbreviation ‘roc’ for the English word ‘rock’. Composed this means as much as ‘on rock’. And indeed, Epiroc’s products are mining and construction machinery and equipment.

Delivery program Epiroc

Following products belong to the Epiroc delivery program:

Mining and construction products and equipment

  • Drill rigs
    • SpeedROC 1F, SpeedROC 2F, SpeedROC D30
    • Boyles C5, Boyles C6, Boyles C8C, Diamex 232, Diamec MCR, Diamec PHC 4, Diamec PHC 6, Diamec PHC 8
    • Boomer XE/WE, Boomer E, Boomer L, Boomer S1, Boomer S2, Boomer M
    • RD20
    • Simba S7, Simba M4, Simba M6, Simba E7, Simba 1254, Simba 1354
    • DM-M3, DM30 II, DM45/DM50, DM75, DML, DML-SP
    • AirROC D40, AirROC D50, AirROC T25, AirROC T35, FlexiROC D50
    • T2W, T3W, T4W, TH5, TH10, TH60
  • Excavator attachments
    • SB 452, SB 202, MB 1500, HB 4100
    • CC 1600 U, CC 1700U, CC 2300 U, CC 3100 U
    • CB 350, CB 750, CB 950, CB 2500
    • SC 270, SC 600, SC 2500
    • BP 2050, BP 3050, DP 2000, DP 2800
    • HM 2000
    • MG 100 up to MG 2300
    • BC 2100 up to BC 5300
    • HC 150 up to HC 850
    • LPHB-M
  • Loaders and trucks
    • Scooptram ST7 and ST14 Battery, Scooptram EST1030, Scooptram EST2D, Scooptram EST3.5
    • Häggloader 10 HR, Häggloader 7HR
    • Minetruck MT436LP, Minetruck MT431B, Minetruck MT2010, Minetruck MT2200, Minetruck MT5020, Minetruck 436B, Minetruck MT42, Minetruck MT54, Minetruck MT65
  • Mechanical rock excavation equipment
    • Mobile Miner 22H, Mobile Miner 40V, Mobile Miner 55V
  • Raiseboring equipment
    • Easer L, Robbins 34RH, Robbins 34RH QRS, Robbins 44RH, Robbins 53RH, Robbins 73R, Robbins 91RH / 123R
  • Rock drilling tools
  • Rock reinforcement
  • Underground ventilation systems

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