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CASE construction machinery parts

Case Construction offers a diverse selection of high-quality construction machinery that meets the demands of the construction industry. Their range includes excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers, compact loaders, and much more. These machines are renowned for their performance, efficiency, and reliability. With state-of-the-art technology and innovations, Case Construction supports construction projects worldwide. Whether it’s heavy earthmoving, material handling, or precision work, Case machines provide versatile solutions for various construction sectors. With their durability and longevity, they are ideally suited for demanding applications in the construction industry.

Company history

The history of Case Construction is a fascinating journey that began over 175 years ago. The company has evolved into a global leader in the construction machinery industry, providing its customers with innovative solutions.

In 1842, the original company that would later become Case Construction was founded in Racine, Wisconsin, USA. Initially, the focus was on agricultural equipment such as threshing machines. Over time, Case recognized the growing demand for construction machinery and began expanding its offerings in that direction.

In 1869, Case produced its first steam-powered thresher, a significant milestone for the company. Case established itself as a prominent player in the agriculture and construction machinery industry, further building its reputation as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality machines.

Over the years, Case introduced numerous groundbreaking innovations that significantly influenced the construction machinery sector. In the 1950s, the company developed the first fully hydraulic bulldozer, revolutionizing efficiency and productivity on construction sites. In the 1970s, Case introduced the first compact loader, which quickly became a popular model due to its versatility and agility.

Throughout the decades, Case Construction went through various mergers and acquisitions that strengthened its global presence. In 1999, Case merged with New Holland, a renowned manufacturer of agricultural machinery, to form CNH Global. This step expanded Case Construction’s product offerings and solidified its position as a worldwide leader in construction machinery.

Today, Case Construction offers a wide range of construction machinery, including excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers, compact loaders, and more. The company continues to rely on innovation and technology to provide advanced solutions to its customers. With a global distribution network and a strong focus on quality and customer service, Case Construction is a trusted partner in the construction industry.

The history of Case Construction is characterized by successes, innovations, and the ability to adapt to the changing needs of the construction machinery sector. With a strong tradition and a forward-looking approach, Case Construction remains committed to driving the construction industry forward and offering its customers worldwide top-notch solutions.

We supply CASE spare parts worldwide for:

  • Earthmoving Machines

    • Excavators:
      Case CX Series (CX17C, CX26C, CX37C, CX55B, CX75C, CX130D, etc.) Case WX Series (WX95, WX125, WX145, etc.)
    • Wheel Loaders:
      Case 21D, 221D, 321D, 521D, etc.
      Case 621G, 721G, 821G, etc.
    • Bulldozers:
      Case 750L, 850L, 1150M, 1650L, etc.
      Case 2050M, 2150M, 3050M, etc.
    • Compact Loaders:
      Case SR Series (SR130, SR160, SR175, SR220, SR270, etc.)
      Case SV Series (SV185, SV280, SV340, etc.)
    • Telescopic Handlers:
      Case TX Series (TX130-30, TX140-45, TX170-45, etc.)
      Case TV Series (TV380, TV450, etc.)
    • Asphalt Pavers:
      Case P Series (P385A, P455A, P6870D, etc.)
  • Demolition Tools

    • Hydraulic Hammer made by CASE
    • Cutter Crusher made by CASE
    • Demolition Shears made CASE
    • Pulverizer made by CASE

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