BENNINGHOVEN spare parts

We deliver spare parts worldwide for:

  • BENNINGHOVEN road construction machines

    • Mobile asphalt mixing plants
    • Container asphalt mixing plants
    • Transportable mixing plants
    • Stationary asphalt mixing plants
    • Granulator
    • Mastic asphalt transport cooker
    • Mastic asphalt dumper

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    Benninghoven: Excellent asphalt mixing plants and special equipment for the highest demands

    Benninghoven, as a leading manufacturer of asphalt mixing plants, has earned a worldwide reputation for high-quality, high-performance and innovative solutions in asphalt production. The company’s product range includes mobile, container-based, transportable and stationary asphalt mixing plants as well as specialized equipment for the transport and processing of mastic asphalt.

    Mobile asphalt mixing plants: Flexibility for temporary construction projects

    Benninghoven’s mobile asphalt mixing plants offer maximum flexibility for temporary construction projects. Their mobile design means they can be easily transported to different locations without compromising on the performance and quality of the asphalt mixtures produced.

    Container asphalt mixing plants: Compact solutions for efficiency

    Benninghoven’s container asphalt mixing plants offer compact and efficient solutions for asphalt production. With their modular design, they enable quick installation and commissioning, which is particularly advantageous in situations where space is limited.

    Transportable mixing plants: mobility without compromising performance

    Benninghoven’s transportable mixing plants combine mobility with high-performance asphalt production. These systems can be easily transported from one job site to the next while still providing the quality and precision expected from modern asphalt mixing plants.

    Stationary asphalt mixing plants: Long-lasting performance for large-scale projects

    Benninghoven’s stationary asphalt mixing plants are designed to consistently provide high-quality asphalt mixes for large-scale projects. Their robust construction and advanced control technology ensure reliable production of asphalt mix on a large scale.

    Granulator: Efficient recovery of asphalt material

    Benninghoven’s granulator enables the efficient recovery of asphalt material. This device shreds and recycles asphalt materials, reusing resources and reducing environmental impact.

    Mastic asphalt transport cooker: Precise heating and transport of mastic asphalt

    The mastic asphalt transport cooker from Benninghoven is specially developed for the precise heating and safe transport of mastic asphalt. With advanced heating systems, this device ensures optimal processing of mastic asphalt on construction sites.

    Mastic asphalt dumper: Efficient transport of mastic asphalt

    Benninghoven’s mastic asphalt dumper offers an efficient solution for transporting mastic asphalt. With its robust construction and specialized features, this dumper ensures safe and precise transport of mastic asphalt materials.

    Benninghoven remains a pioneer in asphalt technology by continually developing innovative solutions to meet the demanding needs of the construction industry. The mobile, container-based, transportable and stationary asphalt mixing plants as well as the specialized equipment for mastic asphalt products underline Benninghoven’s commitment to excellence in asphalt production.

    The company history of Benninghoven

    The Benninghoven company, with its headquarters in Mülheim an der Moselle, has been a family business that has been run by the fourth generation for over 100 years.

    In 2014, WIRTGEN acquired a 70% majority stake in Benninghoven GmbH & Co. KG and integrated it into the WIRTGEN Group. WIRTGEN has thus expanded and completed its product range in the field of road construction machines and gained a specialist for the production of asphalt mixing plants and their components.

    The latest machines include the MBRG 2000, a resource-saving granulator on wheels. With this machine, almost 100% of reclaimed asphalt is recycled in an asphalt mixing plant.

    IME supplies BENNINGHOVEN spare parts for machines such as:

    Mobile asphalt mixing plants

    • MBA 2000, MBA 3000

    Container asphalt mixing plants

    • ECO 2000, ECO 3000, ECO 4000

    Transportable mixing plants

    • TBA 2000, TBA 3000, TBA 4000

    Stationary asphalt mixing plants

    • BA 3000, BA 4000, BA 5000

    Mastic asphalt transport cooker

    • GKL, GKS

    Mastic asphalt dumper

    • DU 500