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    Atlas Weyhausen: Strong Weycor wheel loaders and rollers for every construction site

    Atlas Weyhausen, the manufacturer behind the Weycor brand, is a renowned company in the construction machinery industry. Atlas Weyhausen offers an impressive range of high-performance wheel loaders and rollers under the Weycor brand, characterized by their robustness, efficiency and adaptability.

    Weycor wheel loaders, manufactured by Atlas Weyhausen, are designed to move materials quickly and efficiently in various construction projects. With powerful engines and advanced technologies, they enable smooth and precise charging. Weycor wheel loaders are characterized by maneuverability, ease of operation and a robust construction, making them ideal machines for handling materials.

    Weycor rollers, produced under the Atlas Weyhausen umbrella, are specialized in effectively compacting road and construction site surfaces. From tandem rollers to single rollers, Weycor offers solutions for a wide range of applications. The rollers impress with precise control, high performance and user-friendliness, which leads to efficient and high-quality compaction.

    Atlas Weyhausen not only values ​​technical excellence, but also innovation. Many models are equipped with modern features including advanced control systems, operator comfort features and environmentally friendly drive technologies.

    Overall, Atlas Weyhausen, as the manufacturer behind the Weycor brand, stands for quality and reliability. With their robust construction and ability to adapt to a wide range of construction projects, Weycor’s machines, led by Atlas Weyhausen, are a solid choice for construction companies looking for powerful and versatile construction equipment.

    Company history

    Atlas Weyhausen, situated in Wildeshausen, rebranded its products and today sells them under the brand name weycor.

    They produce wheel loaders model AR (0,3m³ – 3,0m³)

    They expanded their product range by acquiring the company Protec situated in Hameln, to include compaction rollers. They build and sell weycor compaction rollers from 2.450kg – 13.800kg.

    We supply spare parts worldwide for:

    • Earthmoving Machines

      • weycor Wheel Loader made by Atlas Weyhausen
      • weycor Compaction Roller made by Atlas Weyhausen
      • Protec Roller
    • Road Building Machines

      • weycor Wheel Loader made by Atlas Weyhausen
      • weycor Compaction Roller made by Atlas Weyhausen
      • Protec Roller