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    The Machines of Ammann Group

    The product range of Ammann includes a variety of machines that are widely used in the construction industry. The company specializes in producing high-quality asphalt and concrete mixing plants that enable efficient and reliable production of road surfaces.

    Ammann’s asphalt mixing plants are known for their high performance and flexibility. They are available in various sizes and configurations to meet the requirements of different projects. These plants enable the production of high-quality asphalt that meets the most demanding standards.

    In addition to mixing plants, Ammann also offers a wide range of compaction machines, including rammers, vibratory plates, wheel and double vibration rollers. These machines are used to compact the ground before the construction of roads or other structures, creating a stable foundation. Ammann’s compaction machines are characterized by their high efficiency and user-friendliness, delivering optimal compaction results.

    Previously, road and pavement pavers were also part of Ammann’s product range. These machines were used to efficiently lay road surfaces and walkways, ensuring a smooth finish. Although these products are no longer included in the current lineup, Ammann has made a significant contribution to the development of modern road construction technologies in the past.

    Another important aspect of Ammann’s products is their sustainability. The company places great emphasis on environmentally friendly solutions and continuously works on developing technologies that reduce energy consumption and minimize the ecological footprint.

    With its long-standing experience and commitment to quality and innovation, Ammann has earned a solid reputation in the construction machinery industry. The company’s various machines offer construction companies worldwide the opportunity to build efficient and durable infrastructure. Ammann remains committed to meeting customer needs and driving the development of the construction industry.

    Company history

    Since its founding in 1869, Ammann has evolved into a leading company in the construction machinery industry. With its headquarters in Switzerland and global branches, Ammann has achieved remarkable success.

    The history of Ammann began with the vision of Jakob Ammann, an innovative entrepreneur who recognized a gap in the construction industry and decided to fill it. From the beginning, Ammann focused on quality and reliability, which proved to be key to success.

    Over the years, Ammann has expanded its product offering and specialized in the development of asphalt mixing plants, road construction machines, concrete plants, and other construction equipment. Through continuous research and development, Ammann has been able to offer innovative solutions that meet customer needs.

    Ammann’s expansion into the international market occurred in the 1970s when the company began opening branches in various countries. Today, Ammann is present in over 100 countries and has earned a reputation for first-class products and excellent customer service.

    Despite its tremendous growth, Ammann has never lost sight of its values. The company still places great importance on quality, sustainability, and innovation. Ammann strives to offer environmentally friendly solutions and minimize the construction industry’s ecological footprint.

    The success story of Ammann is the result of hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, and a commitment to excellence. With its diverse product portfolio, global presence, and pursuit of innovation, Ammann will continue to play a leading role in the construction machinery industry.

    IME GmbH Delivers Ammann Spare Parts Worldwide

    IME GmbH is a leading provider of spare parts for Ammann construction machinery and offers first-class service worldwide. With extensive experience and expertise, IME can deliver a wide range of high-quality spare parts for Ammann machines. Regardless of your location, you can rely on IME to promptly deliver the required spare parts for your Ammann machines. Collaborating with reliable logistics partners allows IME to operate globally and serve customers in different countries.

    The quality of the spare parts is paramount at IME. Each part is carefully selected and inspected to ensure it meets Ammann’s high standards. This ensures that customers can be confident that their machines are equipped with durable and reliable spare parts.

    The dedicated team at IME is committed to providing excellent customer service. From advising on the selection of the right parts to the swift processing of orders, they are by your side to ensure that your Ammann machines are always ready for operation.

    If you need worldwide spare parts for your Ammann construction machinery, IME GmbH is your reliable partner. Contact the IME team today to discuss your requirements and obtain the right spare parts.

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