Aebi Schmidt spare parts

Aebi Schmidt spare parts

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    Aebi Schmidt: Efficient solutions for road maintenance and winter service

    Aebi Schmidt, as a renowned manufacturer of municipal vehicles, offers a wide range of machines for road maintenance and winter service. From sweepers and gritters to snow plows and road maintenance vehicles, Aebi Schmidt delivers innovative solutions to the challenges of road maintenance.

    The sweepers from Aebi Schmidt impress with their high efficiency and adaptability. Using the latest sweeping technology, they are designed to quickly and thoroughly clear streets and surfaces of dirt, leaves or snow. The models offer intuitive operation and can be adapted to different conditions.

    Aebi Schmidt spreaders are designed to distribute spreading materials efficiently and evenly. Whether salt, sand or road salt solutions – these devices ensure reliable snow and ice control. With precise setting options, they enable targeted adaptation to the specific requirements on site.

    The snow plows from Aebi Schmidt are robust and powerful. They enable effective snow removal and are available in different sizes and configurations to suit different needs. The models are easy to use and offer high reliability in winter conditions.

    Aebi Schmidt road maintenance vehicles are multifunctional solutions for comprehensive maintenance tasks. From cleaning to snow removal to road marking, these vehicles offer a wide range of uses. They are designed to make road traffic safe and efficient.

    The road marking machines from Aebi Schmidt set standards in precision and efficiency. They enable clear and permanent marking of streets and parking spaces. Using the latest technology, they ensure fast and accurate marking, which contributes to improved road safety.

    Aebi Schmidt offers a variety of snow removal equipment that can be combined with tractors or other vehicles. These devices are designed to clear and remove snow from a wide variety of surfaces. They are characterized by their robustness and performance.

    Overall, Aebi Schmidt machines stand for quality, innovation and reliability. With its wide product range, the company effectively supports municipalities, road construction authorities and service providers in the areas of road maintenance and winter service.

    History of the company

    This globally active company was founded in 2007 as a joint stock company as a result of the merger of the Aebi Group from Switzerland (Burgdorf) and the Schmidt Group from Germany (St. Blasien). However, it is still family owned.

    In 2015, a sales volume of about 325 million euros was achieved.

    The range of products includes from small garbage trucks to garbage trucks for airports. In addition, asphalt snow plows with a plow width of more than 3 meters are also produced.

    Snow plows mounted on trucks are especially famous. Also successfully sold are quick-disposable cleaning machines, for example, the compact Unimog from MB, which simultaneously transport overhead devices from Schmidt with rotating distributors on board.

    We supply spare parts worldwide for:

    • Aebi Schmidt winter and street equipment for road maintenance

      • Snow removal equipment
      • Equipment for pouring the spreader
      • Street cleaning equipment