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A wheel loader is a versatile construction machine designed for moving earth, debris and other materials. With its distinctive design, where a large bucket arm is attached to the front, the wheel loader enables efficient loading, transport and unloading of materials on construction sites. Thanks to its maneuverability and ability to adapt to different work environments, the wheel loader is an essential tool in the construction industry. Its robust design and powerful motor make it a reliable machine for a variety of tasks, from the excavation pit to the material handling point.

ATLAS wheel loader

  • Atlas wheel loader series L
    • Type L 160, L 210, L 260, L 310
  • Industrial wheel loader series L
    • Type L 420, L 450

 Weycor wheel loader

  • AR series wheel loader
    • Typen AR 30, AR 35, AR 35 Super, AR 40, AR 50, AR 52, AR 55, AR 60, AR 65, AR 65e, AR 65 HS, AR 75e, AR 75e S, AR 75e T, AR 75 HS , AR 80e, AR 85e, AR 85 HS, AR 95e, AR 95e Super, AR 105e
    • Typen AR 320, AR 400, AR 420, AR 440, AR 480, AR 480S, AR 480T, AR 500, AR 520, AR 530, AR 550, AR 560, AR 580, AR 620, AR 640, AR 660, AR 680

DOOSAN Wheel loader

  • Wheel loader, medium size
    • Types DL200-3, DL-250-3
  • Wheel loader, large
    • Types DL300-5, DL350-5, DL420-5, DL450-5, DL550-5

Fiat Hitachi wheel loader

  • Wheel loader
    • Types FR 100, FR 130.2, FR160.2, W 60, ZW 75, W 90, W 130, W170, W60H

HYUNDAI wheel loader

  • Wheel loader
    • Typen HL730-9A, HL740-9A, HL757-9A, HL955, HL760-9A, HL960, HL770-9A, HL780-9A
  • Skid steer loader
    • Typen HSL650-7A, HSL850-7A

JCB wheel loader

  • Skid steer loader
    • Types 135, 155, 175, 190, 205, 225, 260, 280, 300, 330
  • Compact track loader
    • Typen 150 T, 190 T, 205 T, 225 T, 260 T, 300 T, 320 T
  • Compact wheel loader
    • Types 403, 406, 407, 409
  • Wheel loader
    • Types TM 180, TM 220, TM 320, 411 HT, 417 HAT, 427 HAT, 427 ZX, 437 HT, 437 ZX, 457 ZX, 457 HT
  • Telescopic loader
    • Types 516-40, 520-40, 525-60, 527-60, 527-48, 531-70, 541-70, 535-95, 535-125 HiViz, 535-140 HiViz, 540-140, 540-170 , 560-80, 540-200

KOMATSU wheel loader

  • Wheel loader
    • Types WA65-5, WA70-5, WA75-3, WA80-5, WA85-3, WA90-3, WA90-5, WA95-3, WA115-3, WA150-5, WA150PZ-5, WA200PT-5, WA250PT -5,WA250PZ-5, WA270PT-3, WA320-3, WA320-5, WA380-3, WA380-5, WA400-5, WA470-3, WA470-5, WA480-5, WA500-3, WA600-3 , WA700-3, WA200-7, WA250PZ-6, WA270-7, WA320-6 / PZ-6, WA320-7, WA380-7, WA380-8, WA430-6, WA470-7, WA470-8, WA480 -6 (LC), WA500-7, WA500-8, WA600-6, WA600-8, WA800-3, WA900-3
  • Skid steer loader
    • Types SK04J-2, SK05J-2, SK510-5, SK714-5, SK815-5, SK820-5
  • Compact wheel loader
    • Types WA70-7, WA80M-7, WA90-6, WA100-7

LIEBHERR wheel loader

  • Wheel loader
    • Types L506 Compact, L507 Stereo, L508 Compact, L508 Stereo, L509 Stereo, L510 Z, L514 Stereo, L524,  L526, L538, L542, L542 Z Kinematik, L544, L546, L550 XPower, L550 2plus2, L556 XPower, L566, L566 2plus 2, L576 2plus2, L576 XPower, L580 XPower, L580 2plus2,  L586 XPower
  • Crawler loaders
    • Types LR624 Litronic, LR636 Litronic
  • Telescopic loader
    • Types TL432-7, TL436-7, TL441-7

MECALAC wheel loader

  • Swing loader series AS
    • Types AS 50, AS 700, AS 900, AS 1600, AS 210e
  • Wheel loader series AX and AF
    • Types AX 700, AX 850, AX 1000, AF 1050, AF 1200
  • Telehandler series AT and AS tele
    • Types AT 900, AT 1050, AS 900tele

Orenstein & Koppel (O&K)

O&K Wheel loader

  • Types L3, L4, L5, L6 C, L6-3, L6.5, L7, L8, L8-1, L8-5, L9, L10, L10 B, L12, L15, L15.5, L15 B, L16, L18, L20, L20 B, L20.5, L25, L25 B, L25 C, L35, L35 B, L45, L355


  • Compact track loader series PT
  • Skid steer loader series TS
  • Wheel loader
    • Compact wheel loader series TL65 – TL120
    • Power charger TL160 – TL310
  • Backhoe loader
    • Boom mounted in the middle
    • Boom can be moved laterally

VOLVO wheel loader

  • Skid steer loader
    • Types L60E, L70E, L90E, L110E, L150E, L60F, L90F, MC60C, MC70C, MC80B, MC95C, MC115C, MCT85C, MCT125C, MCT145C
  • Wheel loader
    • Compact wheel loader
      • Types L20B, L20B-P, L25B, L30B, L35B, L40B TP, L45B TP, L20F, L25F, L28F, L30G, L35G, L70G, L90G, L45H, L50H
    • Wheel loader
      • Types L120E, L180E, L25F, L120F, L150F, L180G, L220F, L60H, L70H, L90H, L110H, L120H, L150H, L180H, L220H, L180H High-Lift, L250H, L350F

Wheel loader series ZL

  • Types ZL300, ZL302, ZL401B, ZL402, ZL500, ZL501, ZL501B, ZL601, ZL601B, ZL602, ZL602B, ZL702, ZL702B, ZL702C, ZL801, ZL801B, ZL1001, ZL1002, ZL17 00, ZL1801, ZL2000, ZL2002, ZL3000, ZL3002, ZL4000A , ZL4001, ZL5002

Wheel loaders: The top class in the construction industry

Wheel loaders, also known as loaders or front loaders, are essential machines in the construction industry. Designed specifically for moving earth, gravel, debris and other construction materials, the loaders play a crucial role in a variety of construction projects. An impressive selection of wheel loaders is offered by renowned brands known for their innovation, quality and reliability.

Atlas , a well-known brand in the construction equipment industry, offers robust wheel loaders with impressive lifting capacity and reliability. Weycor is characterized by innovative technologies and high efficiency, which makes its wheel loaders reliable partners on construction sites.

Doosan, a global brand, is known for high-performance wheel loaders that are characterized by their power and versatility. Fiat-Hitachi combines Italian design with Japanese engineering to produce efficient wheel loaders that meet the needs of demanding construction projects.

Hyundai has built a reputation for high-quality construction equipment, and their wheel loaders feature advanced technologies and fuel efficiency. JCB, a British brand, offers innovative wheel loader models with telescopic arms for added versatility.

Komatsu produces wheel loaders with high productivity and power, while Liebherr is known for its robust machines and innovative technology. Mecalac offers compact wheel loaders that are particularly suitable for use in urban environments and on confined construction sites.

O&K (Orenstein & Koppel), with a long history in the construction industry, has developed wheel loaders that are characterized by their durability and performance. Terex produces wheel loaders that are characterized by ease of operation and maintenance.

Volvo, an established brand in the construction industry, stands for reliable wheel loaders with the latest technology. Zettelmeyer, with a German tradition, offers robust wheel loaders known for their durability.

Overall, these brands offer a wide range of wheel loaders that meet the different requirements in the construction industry and help implement construction projects efficiently and successfully.

The advanced control technology in these wheel loaders enables precise maneuverability, making it easier for operators to handle in a variety of work environments. From small Mecalac wheel loaders, ideal for tight construction sites, to the powerful Liebherr machines for large construction projects, these brands offer solutions for a wide range of requirements.

The adaptability of wheel loaders makes them indispensable not only for traditional earthworks, but also for tasks such as material handling, warehousing and road construction. With their impressive performance and durability, wheel loaders from these leading brands contribute significantly to efficiency and productivity in the construction industry.

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