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    Epiroc – The Pioneer in the Mining Industry

    Epiroc is a global leader in providing machinery and services for the mining, construction, and rock drilling industries. The company stands out for its high level of innovation and efficiency, making it a trusted partner for businesses worldwide.

    Epiroc offers a wide range of machines for various applications. In mining, their powerful drilling and blasting equipment enables efficient extraction of mineral resources. By employing state-of-the-art technologies and continuous research and development, Epiroc is able to offer solutions that help customers enhance productivity while reducing operational costs.

    An example of Epiroc’s innovation is their battery-powered machinery. These machines are a response to the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions in the construction industry. They provide the same level of performance as conventional models while significantly reducing emissions and noise levels. With Epiroc’s battery-powered machines, construction projects can now be carried out in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

    Another notable feature of Epiroc is the integration of automation and digital technology. Epiroc’s machine systems can collect and analyze real-time data to optimize operations and minimize downtime. By connecting machines, software, and data analysis, Epiroc enables more precise control of production processes and better planning of maintenance tasks.

    Epiroc machines are distinguished not only by their high performance and efficiency but also by their reliability and durability. Epiroc has an excellent reputation for the quality of its products and customer service. The company supports its customers throughout the entire lifecycle of the machines, offering training, spare parts, and technical support.

    In the construction industry, Epiroc is synonymous with excellence, innovation, and sustainability. With its advanced machines and services, the company contributes to enhancing the efficiency and profitability of construction projects worldwide. Epiroc is constantly striving to further develop its products and meet the evolving needs of customers, maintaining a leading position in the industry.

    The company history of Epiroc

    Epiroc is a very young Swedish company that emerged from the Atlas Copco Group’s Construction, Mining, Demolition and Recycling division in early 2018. It is rather rare for a company to spin off a division so that it can continue as an independent company, but in this case it has more than paid off. Already in its first business year, the young company was able to generate a profit of about € 3.6 billion. In the meantime, the company is also listed on the stock exchange and employs over 13,000 people in 150 countries. Epiroc Deutschland GmbH, based in Essen, is responsible for Germany and the DACH region.

    The name Epiroc is composed of the Greek prefix ‘epi’ and the abbreviation ‘roc’ for the English word ‘rock’. Put together, this means something like ‘on rock’. And indeed, Epiroc’s products are machines and equipment for mining and construction.

    Buy Epiroc spare parts at IME

    To ensure that your work runs smoothly, you naturally depend on your machines always working. That’s why we at IME are your trusted partner, supplying you with the right spare parts. We have been supplying customers worldwide for almost 40 years and therefore know what is important to them. In addition to reliability, this also includes speed. As soon as we receive the ordered parts, they are sent on to you directly after quality control so that there are no delays. Request your personal offer for Epiroc spare parts from us now.

    Facts and figures about Epiroc

    Year established: 1873, 2018 (Independently divested from Atlas Copco).
    Headquarters: Nacka, Sweden
    Management: Ronnie Leten, Helena Hedblom
    Employees: 13,384 (as of 2020)
    Turnover: approx. € 3.6 billion

    Delivery programme

    IME supplies spare parts worldwide for Epiroc (formerly Atlas Copco)

    Cranes, drilling rigs, hoists

    • Drilling rigs
    • Raiseboring equipment
    • Rock drilling tools

    Demolition machines and tools

    • Machines for mechanical rock excavation
    • Excavator attachments
    • Loaders and trucks

    Epiroc’s products are the following product groups and types:

    Mining and construction

    Drilling rigs
    • SpeedROC 1F, SpeedROC 2F, SpeedROC D30
    • Boyles C5, Boyles C6, Boyles C8C, Diamex 232, Diamec MCR, Diamec PHC 4, Diamec PHC 6, Diamec PHC 8
    • Boomer XE/WE, Boomer E, Boomer L, Boomer S1, Boomer S2, Boomer M
    • RD20
    • Simba S7, Simba M4, Simba M6, Simba E7, Simba 1254, Simba 1354
    • DM-M3, DM30 II, DM45/DM50, DM75, DML, DML-SP
    • AirROC D40, AirROC D50, AirROC T25, AirROC T35, FlexiROC D50
    • T2W, T3W, T4W, TH5, TH10, TH60
    Excavator attachments
    • SB 452, SB 202, MB 1500, HB 4100
    • CC 1600 U, CC 1700U, CC 2300 U, CC 3100 U
    • CB 350, CB 750, CB 950, CB 2500
    • SC 270, SC 600, SC 2500
    • BP 2050, BP 3050, DP 2000, DP 2800
    • HM 2000
    • MG 100 bis MG 2300
    • BC 2100 bis BC 5300
    • HC 150 bis HC 850
    • LPHB-M
    Loaders and trucks
    • Scooptram ST7 und ST14 Battery, Scooptram EST1030, Scooptram EST2D, Scooptram EST3.5
    • Häggloader 10 HR, Häggloader 7HR
    • Minetruck MT436LP, Minetruck MT431B, Minetruck MT2010, Minetruck MT2200, Minetruck MT5020, Minetruck 436B, Minetruck MT42, Minetruck MT54, Minetruck MT65
    Machines for mechanical rock excavation
    • Mobile Miner 22H
    • Mobile Miner 40V
    • Mobile Miner 55V
    Raiseboring equipment
    • Easer L
    • Robbins 34RH
    • Robbins 34RH QRS
    • Robbins 44RH
    • Robbins 53RH
    • Robbins 73R
    • Robbins 91RH/123R
    Rock drilling tools
    • Outdoor hammer drilling tools
    • Imlochhammer tools
    • Rotary drilling tools
    Rock support
    • Mountain anchor
    • Safety nets
    • Installation pumps
    Ventilation systems
    • Serpent fan
    • Serpent automatic
    • Fan accessories