Former Demag – Svedala – Dynapac now Atlas Copco Road Machinery are combined at Assembly Plant Wardenburg / Germany.


They produce all Dynapac asphalt finishers at Wardenburg plant, as well as all asphalt milling machines which are sold under the name of Atlas Copco.

Dynapac road rollers are built at Atlas Copco plant in Sweden.

Atlas Copco Rock Drills will be handling all drilling equipment sold under the name of Atlas Copco including former Ingersoll Rand units.

Atlas Copco MCT Road Construction Equipment is handling all road compressors (XA …, QA….) former Krupp hammer and all other contractor material.

Atlas Copco Tooling is also selling under the Group Atlas Copco MCT.

Atlas Copco industrial and fixed compressors (ZT series) and parts for it are sold through MCT Air.