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    Hitachi construction machinery: efficiency and reliability in every task

    Hitachi, as a renowned manufacturer of construction machinery, offers an impressive range of high-quality and high-performance machines that are valued in the construction industry worldwide. Hitachi’s crawler excavators, wheel loaders and bulldozers in particular are characterized by their efficiency, reliability and advanced technology.

    Crawler excavators: precise digging work with power and accuracy

    Hitachi’s crawler excavators set standards in terms of precision and power. With powerful engines and advanced control systems, they enable precise digging work on construction sites of all sizes. The robust construction and versatile attachments make Hitachi crawler excavators indispensable tools for excavation, demolition and other earthworks.

    Wheel loaders: Efficient loading and moving materials

    Hitachi’s wheel loaders are designed to load, move and transport materials efficiently. With their impressive load capacity and maneuverability, these machines are particularly well suited for use in quarries, warehouses and other environments where large quantities of materials need to be moved.

    Bulldozer: Powerful earthworks and grading

    Hitachi bulldozers offer a powerful solution for earthworks and grading. With their powerful engines and stable chassis, these machines are ideal for moving earth and creating flat surfaces. Advanced technology enables precise control and efficiency in every task.

    Hitachi attaches great importance to innovation and quality in the production of construction machinery. The crawler excavators, wheel loaders and bulldozers are the result of years of experience and continuous development. The adaptability of these machines to a wide variety of construction projects makes them reliable partners for construction companies worldwide.

    With Hitachi construction machinery, users not only receive robust and powerful equipment, but also state-of-the-art technology that is focused on efficiency and sustainability. Hitachi remains a pioneer in the construction equipment industry by developing machines that meet the high standards and diverse needs of the modern construction industry.

    The company history of Fiat-Hitachi

    The Japanese manufacturer Hitachi entered into a joint venture with the Fiat Baumaschinen company in 1986 under the name Fiat-Hitachi. This company was based in Belgium.

    Tracked excavators (types FH 130, FH 150, FH 200, FH 215, FH 220), wheel loaders (types FR 100, FR 130.2, FR 160, FR 160.2) and bulldozers (types FL 145) were built. These machines were sold through the dealer network, which was later taken over by CNH.

    Today the spare parts for these machines are sold by CASE / NEW HOLLAND.